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Powerbroaders, Pimps & Prostitutes (PT 3): The Common Sense Show Exposes the Military Mafia

Written by Subject: Military Industrial Complex

In his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned the American people against the “unwarranted” and “unprecedented” power of the military industrial complex. Fifty years later, Americans have forgotten the lessons of history as the military leadership in this country is abusing the constitutional liberties of its citizens while exposing them to unwarranted health risks and financial ruination.

Today, the United States military is committing multiple act sof eminent domain and inverse condemnation against hundreds of thousands of Americans all across the country, without so much as paying a dime in constitutionally mandated compensation. In short, the military industrial complex is stealing the life savings of untold numbers of people and exposing millions of innocent civilians to ear deafening and illness causing health effects from the newest jets in America’s arsenal, the F-35 and the F-22. With noise decibel levels peaking above 120 decibels (hearing loss takes occurs at 86 decibels and central nervous system damage occurs at 96 decibels, these planes are terrorizing innocent Americans.

In the first half hour, Dave Hodges interviewed a Pinon Canyon (an area stretching east from Pueblo to the Kanas state line), Colorado rancher and store owner, Lon Robertson. Lon detailed how Fort Carson, over 130 miles away, wants to conduct live fire exercises with helicopters and tanks on the fragile prairie lands in Southeastern Colorado. The military brass is conspiring with various Colorado county officials to forbid the construction of new structures on their private lands and are threatening to seize the land. The Army has been found guilty in federal court of producing a fraudulent Environmental Impact Statement (required by federal law) to justify the intrusions on to the land of nearly 20 thousand ranchers who, for many, have owned their land for 6 generations. A new challenge has emerged in that local Colorado county officials are moving to restrict the ability of the ranchers to obtain permits to build anything in a move designed to make an eminent domain seizure more affordable to the Army. The fight to retain their properties is ongoing.

In the second half hour, Marietta, GA. Resident, Kim Goodman, was interviewed by Dave in what is perhaps the most horrific property rights abuse case in America.
Goodman is part of an 85 family community that as of 2005, lived on their land without restrictions from nearby Dobbins AFB. In 2005, the Air Force changed their flight patterns and began to fly over these properties in a type of reverse encroachment. The military restricted these families from rebuilding or repairing their homes in the case of a calamity, forced the residents to cut down their trees at their own expense, forbade them from having outdoor activities such as barbeques, disallowed several electronic devices, ordered several private property structures to be torn down and asserted the right to enter these private citizens homes without a warrant 24 hours per day/7 days per week. The 106-124 decibel force residents to flee from their homes to preserve their health from the dangerous noise levels of the F-22. THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL STATES THAT PERMANENT HEARING LOSS OCCURS AT 86 DECIBELS OF REPEATED EXPOSURE AND RISKS OF CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DAMAGE, HEART ATTACKS, STROKES AND IRREVERSIBLE LEARNING DISABILITIES GO UP DRAMATICALLY AT 96 DECIBELS.
Goodman has now learned that the F-35 will soon be tested at Dobbins AFB in the near future. Goodman sued and was awarded a paltry $200 for her $200,000 home. Goodman and four of her neighbors have appealed this public theft of private property to Federal District Court in Washington DC. Today, Goodman and company could not give their property away and all 85 families have been, or are in the process of being foreclosed upon.
At the top of the second hour, Donna Watson , spokesperson for Tucson Forward, a group of private citizens opposed to the dangerous F-35 from coming to Tucson, AZ., joined Dave to talk about Tucson’s efforts to preserve what’s left of their property rights.
In Tucson, the Air Force has unilaterally, without the requisite public hearings or required compensation, have cut a swath of across central Tucson, which restricted the property rights and property values of tens of thousands of Tucsonans. Vast areas of Tucson are in danger of becoming a vacant, urban ghetto like what is found today in Detroit. To date, nobody has been paid a dime in compensation as the law requires. Further, the military has never conducted an Environmental Impact Statement as required by law.

In the last half hour, attorney and former city councilman from El Mirage, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix) joined Dave to discuss how when the F-35 comes to Luke AFB. The evidence from previous noise studies shows that as many as 100,000 people could be forced to flee their homes, similar to Goodman’s neighborhood in Marietta, GA. Today, thousands of people living in the western metropolitan edge of Phoenix cannot get a permit to do anything with their properties. The monetary hit on the private properties has been enormous. Local Phoenix residents are unaware of this abuse because the media is complicit in this public theft of private proeprty. Several area families have been forced to go into foreclosure due to job related transfers and, in this ” we eat our own mentality”, some of these victims are in the military.

Throughout the program, The Common Sense Show news director, Annie DeRiso, read dozens of accounts where innocent Americans are being brutalized by a military leadership sworn to protect their liberties. For example, the city of Valpariaso, FL. and Virginia Beach, VA. have sued the Air Force over the health damaging noise of the F-35 and forced the Air Force into some level of accomodations. Why haven't Phoenix area residents heard about these law suits? Because media outlets, dominated by Gannett Broadcasting and Clear Channel Communications, have strong defense industry ties and serve to benefit in this "something for nothing mentality" that has overtaken the military.
The Arizona Republic, the largest daily newspaper in the State of Arizona repeatedly sells the importance of the F-35 coming to Luke AFB because of the $2.1 billion dollars the base pumps into the local economy. This was a figure arrived at by a team of Arizona State University economists and the media mentions this figure in every single media report on Luke AFB and the F-35. However, the same team economic team did a study of an Air Force restricted one square mile area in size and concluded that if just this one area was fully developed into a supercenter, the impact would be over $1 Billion dollars to the local economy. How many supercenters are being prevented from being built in the fast growing West Valley of Phoenix?  According to studies conducted by John F. Long, at least 2 dozen areas are being prevented from reaching buildout because of the restrictions of Luke AFB. This represents lost jobs and economic opportunity but the general public remains ignorant of the true facts. In typical yellow journalistic fashion, the media continues to quote the ASU economists on the 2.1 billion dollar impact on the Valley’s economy, while criticizing the supercenter findings. And the general public dances to the propaganda of media outlets such as the Arizona Republic.  

For any West Valley resident who would like to estimate if they will have their health threatened by the F-35 coming to Luke AFB, and having their property values and rights as well as their life savings stripped away, write for the true evidence obtained from the Air Force itself. These can be obtained by emailing . You may also request a copy of these interviews in mp3 format.
It is certain that the local media, who is in the hip pocket of the military industrial complex will not print the Air Force’s own findings on the F-35 and subsequent new crash zone lines coming to Phoenix’s West Valley.
The American soldier is just as brave and trustworthy as ever. However, anyone listening to this special edition of The Common Sense Show, can attest that our military leadership of this country is evolving into one of the most efficient crime syndicates in world history.

All parties, interviewed on The Common Sense Show spoke of forming a national coalition  for the express purpose of  ending this abuse and regaining civilian control over the military

Thank God for outlets such as Freedoms Phoenix and the Republic Broadcasting Network, because the mainstream media will not tell this story because of the overlapping interests between the military industrial complex and the media.
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