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Chip-In for "The R3VOLution Continues"/We Are Change AZ's Trip to the 9/11 Conference

Written by Subject: The R3VOLution Continues with Jet Lacey
Drew Phillips and I are raising money to go to NYC for the "Our Lives After 9/11" first responders benefit from September 9th-12th. We will be broadcasting live from the event on Thursday and Friday, participating in We Are Change/Love Police street actions, and interviewing speakers from the event. 
The videos featured below are just some of the work we've done together.
All who donate will receive:

* - A commemorative DVD of our coverage of the event
* - Entry into a raffle for a Bullhorn signed by the speakers at the conference.
No amount is too small and all donations are sincerely appreciated.

Richard Gage AIA

Cindy Sheehan
Political Activist

Cynthia Mckinney

Former US Congresswoman

Jason Bermas

Filmmaker / Radio Host

Christine Ebersole
Tony Award
Winning Actress

Daniel Sunjata
Actor from
FX's 'Rescue Me'

Ben Stewart
'Esoteric Agenda'

Gary Franchi
Radio Host/ Filmmaker
'Don't Tread On Me'

Barry Cooper
DEA whistle blower &
Filmmaker 'Never Get Busted'

Ray McGovern
Former CIA Analyst

George Galloway
British Politician