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SB 1070, Ron Paul and the destruction of America

Written by Subject: r3VOLution Continues
One of our former members of the Ron-Paul-and-his-Campaign-for-Liberty-R3VOLUTION meetup made this statement which I am responding to.  "Ron Paul on Border Security and Immigration: I stand with RON PAUL"   
Personally I could care less one way or the other if the federal government wants to "protect" the imaginary lines they call the border, AT THE BORDER.  They want to “protect” the border great. Just LEAVE ME ALONE and don’t ask me to fund one penny of it.  Being it is such a great idea let all those wanting to “protect” the border do it on their own dime. 
I am NOT part of their government.  I will not participate, or have anything to do with their corrupt schemes to deprive people of their Rights and to manipulate and coerce people into giving up their property.   Protecting the border is what the CONstitution mandates they do, yet they do not do it.  So the State of Arizona's response to the federal government NOT doing IT'S job (Great Job John McCain) was to turn every single Arizona State public official into an immigration agent for the federal government.  This is a gigantic step backward for the rights of the individual and a monumental step forward to INCREASE the size of the government.

I agree with Ron Paul with his points as long as I am not coerced into paying for any of it.   NOTHING in what Ron Paul suggests resembles SB1070 in any way, shape or form.  SB1070 is the State of Arizona going to war against its population.  This type of legislation is exactly the type that caused the holocaust in Germany prior to WW2.   This type of legislation is what will leads to having a chip in your head or hand just like livestock and will be known as "THE MARK OF THE BEAST".   "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" Benjamin Franklin.

The American Experiment is on its last gasps.  We live in a communist state, inside a communist nation, in a communist world exercising ALL ten planks of the communist manifesto.   There is nowhere to go where anyone can go and live as a "FREEMAN on the Land".   We must re-inhabit the republic.  Our country was infiltrated and through the Federal Reserve our wealth and our freedoms are being sucked out from us RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES! 

Were the American Experiment truly successful, we would be exporting our freedoms to many of the nations around the world.  It seems like this was one of the basic problems from the start.  Our countries way of exporting freedom was with WAR and social-economically engineering, instead as what the founding fathers and Ron Paul suggest:   Trade with other nations.  No entangling alliances.  Other countries would see our system works and want the same for their families, and it would grow organically.  Those countries would want to evolve peacefully because of benefits of what the people in America were receiving and share in turn to countries they traded with as well.

Now that our economy is imploding and our freedoms are being destroyed by the government, the solution the government has is to blame it all on the darn illegal aliens.  That is the problem.   We get rid of all of them and plant a chip in everyone else, then all the problems will go away.   We need to "circle the wagons" to protect what WE got LEFT.  Well what we got LEFT is slipping away, no matter what we do as the problem is systemic. The system needs to be rebooted. And rebooted it will be.  It is ….inevitable.

All we can do is to help others to understand that you own your body, you own your life, and anything you produce with you mind and hands is un-a-lien-ably YOURS.  Theft is Theft even when governments do it under coercion.  With those concepts in mind whatever comes to pass will undoubtedly be better than what exists today.  That is what the founders had in mind.  The government is stealing from every single person every time they make a transaction, any time they work and for the privilege to have a place to live and sleep, yet we are to believe that illegal aliens are the problem.

I so miss you not being part of the group, I love you and feel like we are all stronger together.  Please come back! 

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Comment by Christopher Broughton
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I love Paul, but he's dead wrong on immigration. If you really respect property rights: You can't tell a property owner they are not allowed to have immigrants on their property simply because they are immigrants. You can't tell them they can't sell their property (and access to it) to immigrants simply because they are immigrants. You can't tell a business owner that he cannot hire immigrants, that want to work for him, simply because they are immigrants. There is nothing inherently unethical or coercive about immigration, so unless an immigrant has violated someones rights, they should be left free to come and go as they please. No immigrant has EVER stolen a job in this country legal or illegal. Saying to an employer "Give me this job or I'll kill you!", now that would be stealing a job. I'd also argue that passing immigration laws that block your competition from justly earning your job out from under you is stealing the immigrants job. If I sell my house to someone that bid a higher price than you, did the higher bidder steal the house from you? Of course not, and if you make it illegal for someone from another geographic location to outbid you, you are the one committing the now "legal" crime. I have no hard feelings for any of my R3VOLUTION brethren that happen to side with Paul on this issue, we just disagree. I also think this "split" is primarily a generational divide, and had Paul been born 20-40 years later, he would probably be in the open border camp with the rest of his libertarian/voluntaryist friends.

Comment by Anonymous
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This statement you read here is like a phantom in the opera: "That is [this is] what the founders had in mind.  The government is stealing from every single person every time they make a transaction, any time they work and for the privilege to have a place to live and sleep, yet we are to believe that illegal aliens are the problem." In short, the government is the problem, not the illegal aliens, heck no, the government is the real trouble, stupid!

And may I ask … living in this rich, well heeled America, what do we "steal" from the government in return -- Ron Paul in Congress, paved roads, 911, Concord, a trip to outer space in Bruce Willis’ helmet, the Terminator,, Exxon and Mobil oil, Corvette, Donald Trump, Carl’s Jr.’s Black Angus mouth-watering surprises, free sex, same-sex marriages, Ophra, Rosie O’Donnell’s beards or Ellen DeGeneres’ invisible mustache, take your pick, bubble boobs and steroid-bulging hunks of the modern sexual artists gentry in the circle of Hollywood’s rich and famous among the countless others of these kind? If this is bad, then I am with you in this cleansing process outrage …let us then self-destroy the way more than what God did of Sodom and Gomorrah … deal?


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