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Marc Victor Puts Phoenix Police On Trial

Written by Subject: Phoenix Baseline Killer
(Publisher Note: The real lesson behind this story is what motivates our chronicling of the case,... stay tuned. The back story coverage over the years is interesting.)

Phoenix Police Brass Let Serial Killer
Rampage to Protect Turf

by Powell Gammill - Senior Editor for Freedom's Phoenix
Molecular Biologist, Laboratory Manager, Clinical Virologist, Microbiologist 
"Justice Delayed" - by Shanna Hogan
(The story above is a good place to start understanding the magnitude of what we are dealing with. But then it got much worse.)

Detailed Narrative to come. These documents paint a much more sinister story than can be understood at first glance.
Those that have seen the movie "V is for Vendetta" may remember the scene where the police detective has been given all of the facts but really needs 'the story' to make sense of it all (this movie clip is only to help make the point that just having the "facts" rarely tells the whole story).
That narrative is coming here on FreedomsPhoenix in written form with details and background. Those interested can get a piece of this from the radio show "Declare Your Independence" of Aug. 23rd 2010 .
The documents made available here needed to be "outed" as soon as they were digested and understood by those involved for our own safety and well being. Years of political activism has taught me the importance of never holding onto information that has such a potential for damage to those that have the ability to inflict a great deal of... bad things to those of us that are determined to share the truth.

Now that a great deal of the research is now in the hands of the public, we can begin to tell "The rest of the story".
Truth is often very ugly,... from every angle.
Fear Propaganda is constantly bombarding us in an effort to scare us out of more tax dollars for a  promise of police protection. What really happens is horrific.
What is promised us in exchange for ever increasing taxes in the name of Police Protection and Investigation, and what is the truth, will be the ultimate understanding by the end of this investigation.
The motivation and the focus of this effort Will Be Justice.
(Publisher's note: To all involved. Assume that we know everything or soon will, the PDF'd documents here should give that impression clearly. Those willing to separate themselves from those continuing the Cover Up should come clean ASAP... just my personal opinion. To the Media. Download the PDFs, you'll need them. To our Readers. Please download the PDFs,... you never know)
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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Afternoon August 23rd 2010

Ernest Hancock
   Kirk MacKenzie - The previous attempts to create a National Bank, ever since the creation of the U.S. CONstitution. Author of "Money: Defending Your Prosperity" - Phoenix Baseline Killer the story is about to explode with the truth.


(These are the things we know with certainty)


- Double rape occurs
- DNA swabs taken from both left and right breasts

- Detectives request DNA analysis of all items in sex kit

- Phoenix crime lab identifies biological material available for DNA testing on both left and right swabs
- Right breast swabs ordered tested by Phoenix crime lab
- Left breast swabs not sent for testing
- Left breast swabs put in freezer for storage (untested)

- Right Breast swab tested by Phoenix crime lab (inconclusive)

12/12/05 – 6/29/06
- Eight people murdered

- Detectives request Phoenix crime lab to test all biological material for DNA because of the,... “Magnitude of all the possible related cases and the number of victims.”

8/24/06 (approx 11 months after obtaining left breast swabs)
- DPS (Arizona Department of Public Safety) requested to test all biological material
- Request specifically includes both right and left breast swabs
- DPS renames left breast swab from Phoenix crime # 1.04C to #3C.C


- DPS reports STR DNA SDIS (codis) match to Goudeau with left breast swabs
(Scroll Down for Links to PDFs of research)
Some of the coverage of this issue over the past year. Below these links are the PDFs of the research that has been accumulated in an effort to understand what happened and in what order. There is a great deal more to learn. But the bottom line is this. Eight people were murdered and their families suffered, and it was due to... well, that's what this information is about. has created a new category to document the continuing development of this story
Law Firm Representing victim families is
(Publisher's Disclosure: Marc Victor is a personal friend and my partner in the event that we've put on every year since 2001.
 We both understand the ramifications of challenging the Phoenix Police Department on such a high profile case that will bring out the worst that government has to dish out by people with a monopoly on force,... in fact, that is why we do it. Few others are willing or able.)
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"Baseline Killer" - 2nd 'Notice of Claim' to be served on Phoenix Police Departmen
Ernest Hancock

   Another family joins in the effort to get the whole truth about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Sophia Nunez by the "Baseline Killer".
 Feature Article
'Baseline Killer' - Attorney opens his door to those that wish to Share Information
Ernest Hancock

   The "Notice of Claim" has been served. In less than 2 months the whole story will be shared with all via a court of record. Now is the time for those involved to share what they know. Sides are being chosen now.

Family of Baseline Killer Victim to Sue Phoenix Police
09-10-2009  •  FOX TV10 
PHOENIX - The family of a victim killed by the Baseline Killer is saying the city of Phoenix is responsible for their loved one's death. Romelia Vargas' family claims the Phoenix Police Department wanted to get all the credit for solving the Basel 

Ernest Hancock
Feature Article
Phoenix Police Brass Let Serial Killer Rampage to Protect Turf

Powell Gammill

   The beginnings of a multi-million dollar law suit is underway against the Phoenix Police Department alleging deliberate blocking of evidence testing led to the murders of 7 people.


Baseline Synopsis Pages

Part 1
- Original police report of Phoenix DR 2005 5179905, the Sexual Assault of Alejandra Lara that occurred on September 20, 2005.
   - This is the original double sexual assault where the breast swabs were recovered. (REPORT TO BE ADDED)

Part 2
- Request for Lab Analysis on sex kit of Alejandra Lara. Request dated September 22, 2005 by Arthur Haduch.
   - 2 days after the crime, police requested the crime lab analyze the sexual assault kit containing the breast swabs.
Phx PD Report Page 1 of 2 - Page 2 of 2
Impound Property Invoice

Part 3
- Sex Crime Evidence Screening Notes from the Phoenix crime lab dated October 9, 2005. On page 3 it shows 2 swabs from the left breast. That analyst is identified by the initials "AKS".
   - The first analysis of the sexual assault kit showed that both right and left breast swabs were in the kit.

Phx Laboratory Services Bureau Sex Crimes Evidence Kit Screening Notes
Page 1 of 5 - Page 2 of 5 - Page 3 of 5 - Page 4 of 5 - Page 5 of 5

Part 4
- Report on the Examination of Physical Evidence authored by Allison Sedowski on October 30, 2005, listing:
     Item # 3384388-0001.04B - Two right breast swabs
     Item # 3384388-0001.04B01 - Portion of right breast swabs
     Item # 3384388-0001.04C - Two left breast swabs
The results state that nucleated cellular material was detected on 1.04B (right breast swabs) and 1.04C (left breast swabs). Page 4 shows that, as of October 30, 2005, item 1.04C was in frozen storage, having been put there by Alison Sedowski on October 9, 2005.
   - This report shows that there was biological material suitable for DNA examination on the left breast swab.

Phx Police Dept. Laboratory Services Bureau - Report on the Examination of Physical Evidence
Page 1 of 6 - Page 2 of 6 - Page 3 of 6 - Page 4 of 6 - Page 5 of 6Page 6 of 6

Part 5
- Phoenix crime lab Assignment Notification Report showing a request by Frank Durna dated October 30, 2005, assigned November 21, 2005. Items assigned included 1.04B01 (portion of right breast swabs), but not 1.04B (right breast swabs) or 1.04C (left breast swabs). The assignment was made to Jennifer Palmer (note the handwritten initials "JP").
   - The left breast swab was not sent to the DNA section for analysis. It remained in the crime lab freezer.

Phoenix Police Department Assignment Notification Report
Page 1 of 1

Part 6
- Organic Extraction Worksheet dated November 23, 2005, written by analyst "JP" listing item 1.04B01, right breast swabs.
   - Right breast swabs were analyzed on November 23, 2005.

Organic Extraction Worksheet
Page 1 of 1
Phoenix Police Dept. Subm # 3384388-0001-04B01 Page 1 of 1
Part 7 - Emails between Allison Sedowski and Frank Duran dated February 15-16, 2006, with Duran stating "The magnitude of all the possible related cases and the number of victims, until any biological material can be found which a DNA profile can be developed, I think we are going to need to process everything."
   - The police department emphasizes to the crime lab the magnitude of the related cases and the need to analyze all biological material.

Emails Between Allison Sedowski and Frank Duran Page 1 of 2 - Page 2 of 2
Part 8 - Organic Extraction Worksheet dated March 1, 2006, written by analyst "KRS" listing items 1.04A01 right breast and 1.04B01 left breast. The prefix for these samples is now listed as "3386818" rather than "3384388" (see Tab 4). I do not know the significance of these prefixes.
   - This shows both right and left breast swabs with similar numbers but different prefixes. It is possible these items are from another case even though DR 2005 51799055 is stamped at the top.

Organic Extraction Worksheet
- Questions Page 1 of 1

Part 9
- Request for Scientific Examination dated August 24, 2006, from Frank Duran to DPS listing items 1.04B and 1.04C. The request states "please analyze all items for the presence of DNA & Y testing."
   - The police department requests DPS examination of both the right and left breast swabs.

AZ Dept of Public Safety Agency Request for Scientific Examination
Page 1 of 1

Part 10
- Offender Confirmation Form dated September 11, 2006, (request date September 5, 2006) showing a SDIS (State's DNA Index System) match between item 3.C.C and Mark Goudeau. (see Tab 12 showing that item 3.C.C are the left breast swabs).
   - This is a CODIS database hit on the DNA extracted using the STR process on the left breast swab.

AZ Dept of Public Safety Crime Lab Offender Confirmation Form 
Page 1 of 1
Part 11 - Request for Scientific Examination dated September 7, 2006, from L. Mares to DPS stating "Suspect's [Mark Goudeau] DNA control sample (buccal swab) for DNA verification to CODIS hit."
     Looking at Tab 10 and Tab 11, it looks like a request to run the DNA from 3.C.C was made September 5, a fresh buccal swab was submitted on September 7 to confirm a hit, and the report was written on September 11.
   - A fresh standard from Mark Goudeau is used to confirm the CODIS hit.

AZ Dept of Public Safety Agency Request for Scientific Examination
Suspects DNA Control Sample  Page 1 of 1

Part 12
- Scientific Examination Report from DPS dated November 29, 2006, written by Lorraine Heath. Phoenix item #1.04B (right breast swabs) is DPS item #3C.B and Phoenix item #1.04C is DPS item #3.C.C (see page 2 of report).
     On page 16, the first two paragraphs state that DNA was extracted from item 3C.C using the STR process and the profile was consistent with a mixture of DNA from Alejandra Lara, Lorena Lara, and Mark Goudeau.
     The next two paragraphs discuss DNA extracted using the Y-STR process.
   - DNA was extracted from the left breast swab using the STR process suitable for entry into CODIS.
Part 13 - An undated matrix bearing the DPS case number that includes the Lara case. It shows the screening results (from Sedowski) included the right breast but not the left breast. The reported DNA resluts from "Palmer/Sartor" were "no probative DNA results on anything-all victim DNA."
   - This apparently shows that Phoenix crime lab reported that the right breast swab was screened, but not the left breast swab. And that no DNA was found.

South Side Rapist Screening and DNA Results
  Page 1 of 1
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