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THE Very First Ron Paul Video

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For those who what to TRIP down memory lane.  This is THE very first Ron Paul video.  This was done by Dave Gallagher way way back in March 21, 2007  TIme flies when you are having fun.  The video shows how the first signs were created after Ernie Hancock had the bangin' idea to create them.  This is the youtube that started it all.  Guess what Ron Paul 2012 is just around the corner.  This video is really amusing because it shows us cranking out the signs one at a time.  I feel like a race horse in the starting gate chomping at the bit, waiting for Ron Paul to announce he is going to run again.  I am so ready to get the paint sprayer fired up.

In the video it shows how to create the design, transferring to a stencil and then painting with spray paint.  Then hanging the sign and taking the video afterward.

In this video the cast of stars include in order of appearance: Ernest Hancock, Andre Campos, Morpheus, Inflation is Theft, Kyle, Keith, Von Kidd, Dugger, Barry Hess, Dave Gallagher, Phoenix Police Department, Pro Peace Crowd in front of John McCains office, Powell Gammill, Donna Hancock and others.
Beatles Revolution r3volution

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Hey Ernie--I didn't know you stole the rEVOLution thing from the Beatles, you plagiarizing Bastard!!!


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