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ZeitGeist Addendum: A "Brave New World"

Written by Andrew Strmic Subject: Activism
Just as in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" Human Social Engineering would reign supreme, and everybody would have to except ONE belief system!  That system is being called the "ZeitGeist" Movement based upon the movie ZeitGeist by peter joseph.  It is the second movie ZeitGeist Addendum that peter reveals his Solutions to a problematic world.  These solutions have much in common with what the New World Order wants.  He uses Globalist Utopia propaganda like that of a book called "Brave New World" in which people are re-educated or socially engineered to love there enslavement.  Here are some examples:
1.That there is a one world religion where  "all religious ideas must be removed from your mind," and "religion and belief in God and/or Christ Jesus is bad" and people must except this by social engineering! 
On Ernie Hancock's show one of the ZeitGeistist interviewed tore a quote from Aleister Crowley (a Satanist and inspiration to Anton Lavey's church of satan) "Do what thou wilt" which sounds nice until you learn this is not restrained by libertarian principles which restricts the use of force though coercion, or any other means that is ultimately involuntary, and which champions freedom.  In my opinion this is a Luciferian philosophy.
2. No Monetary System, no Trade and especially No Medium of exchange!
3. You don't OWN anything, the Collective owns it all.
4. Science will dictate how Society will function economically, socially, religiously, individually.  There will be a Elite Scientific Hierarchy to decide on these issues.
5. The Elite Scientific Hierarchy will decide on how to use resources, and how to distribute. etc....

Just watch these interviews with Alex Jones and Listen to Ernie Hancocks interviews and you will understand:
Peter Joseph[Zeitgeist Addendum]on The Alex Jones Show

Peter Joseph on Alex Jones Tv"Conspiracy Theory Dvds?"

ZeitGeist Addendum"A New Religion"

If you need more proof watch ZeitGeist Addendum HERE

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