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Jack Booted Thugs torture 64 year old man in own home

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Jack Booted Thugs torture 64 year old man in own home
Watch this Sixty –Four year Old cancer survivor with a heart condition getting tased 3 times in his own home, after his wife calls 911.  The Jack Booted Thugs otherwise known as "police" or "officers" enter as the paramedics are leaving.  The Thugs entered with no search warrant and not granted access to enter.
Peter McFarland from the Republic of California has filed suit in a de facto governmental kangaroo court, with the belief that he de facto "judge" will grant him reparations with coupons (known as money).  These said coupons are used to discharge debt and legally steal things however, the government first steals the coupons from its own citizenry in the form of taxes.  These said coupons are known to be counterfeited by the federal reserve.  
Peter McFarland was brutally tortured By the Jack Booted Thug with a Taser pumping more than 50,000 volts in to McFarland’s body, inside his own home, as his wife watched, pleading the Jack Booted Thugs to stop.
On June 29, 2009 McFarland and his wife Pearl were returning home from a charity fundraiser just before midnight. McFarland injured himself as he stumbled and fell down the long steps to his front door.
"All of a sudden, they (the Thugs) just showed up, they came in here like there was a fire going on, like a gunfight was going on," McFarland said.  The entire incident is captured on camera mounted on the Thugs Torture device, known as the taser.   
"Stand up, put your hands behind your back or you're going to be Tased," the Thug repeatedly says, all the while McFarland is refusing.  This inane exchange goes on for five minutes while Pearl pleaded with the Jack Booted Thugs not to Tase him, as she loves her husband and did not want to see him tortured.  She had mistakenly hoped, in saying he has a heart condition, would give the Thug a reason to be lenient in the distribution of torture, unfortunately she did not realize that Thugs are prone to sadomasochism and enjoyed seeing others in pain.     .
Then, McFarland tells the deputies in no uncertain terms to leave and as he gets up to go to bed the Thugs tased him. The pleasure was so great to for the Thug he persists in doing two more times to the pancreatic cancer survivor.
The subject of the queen, McFarland’s attorney John Scott insipiently said "There's got to be a problem in terms of training and on supervising deputy sheriffs (Thugs) in the county; it's hard to imagine something so shocking could happen,".  REALLY, “Hard to imagine”, what planet does this highly paid moron live on?  Incidents like this happen every day
Everyone knows that Jack Booted Thugs enjoy using their torture devices on unsuspecting non-violent slaves in the matrix.  The new torture devices have cameras mounted on them: this way  Jack Booted Thugs everywhere can enjoy the fun of watching their comrades inflict pain on ANYONE THEY PLEASE while enjoying laughs drinking their morning coffee together!
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