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"The War with No Name" Trailer

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Comment by TL Winslow
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How sad to underestimate Islam by portraying the titanic struggle of the West to survive Islamization as some conservative thing.  The West never declared war on Islam, Islam declared war on the whole world from day one, which is why there is a "Muslim world" - many proud nations were absorbed who underestimated them and laughed at their own leaders for being "conservative", "reactionary" or "intolerant" in the early stages. Back when Europe was Christian they worked as one to stop the march of Islam and set up a de facto quarantine, allowing the West to rocket ahead and create our modern civilization. Now our own success has caused the world to shrink, throwing us back into contact, and allowing the Muslim world to restart its war while we act clueless. We actually gave them the money to undermine us by paying for Arab oil instead of just taking it and leaving them in the Stone Age, and now Muslim disinfo. artists try to reverse the truth with the claim that the U.S. govt. invented Islam as a pretext to steal the oil.  Well, if we stole it, where is it, floating in the Gulf of Mexico?  The non-Muslim world needs to go on red alert and work together to quarantine and contract the Muslim world and force them to dethrone Islam as the official religion and open up to all religions and influences and join the human race as equals not as intolerant supremacists who think our mere existence is their problem. Until then they're winning and we're losing and bequeathing a nightmare to our grandchildren.

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Comment by Freed Radical
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What a joke! Warmongering hack Gingrich has been fronting for the Military-Industrial Police State for decades, and he has no credibility whatsoever. This swill is just the latest update to the Contract on America.

Welcome to the Newt World Order!


Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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Callista has one bad ass make-up artist; however, improvement could occur at the teleprompter - Perhaps she could use my expertise, you know I have teleprompter skills like no other.

Comment by John Morgan
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This propaganda would be laughable if it weren't for the fact that 2/3 of America has been duped by it.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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