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Phoenix Activists construct portable 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB billboard

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Phoenix Activists using coreplast and wood put together a billboard that states very clearly and succinctly “9/11 was an inside job”.   The portable billboard was constructed to bring awareness to the 9/11 government conspiracy theory that:  planes loaded with kerosene (jet Fuel), which burns at 500 - 700 degrees in an uncompressed state, such as the one that existed on 9/11 brought down the twin towers.  The 9/11 omission report, confirms this temperature which still gives steel 98% of structural strength, was able to bring down the towers after burning for approximately one hour. 
Further on 9/11 Building 7 at the world trade center complex was brought down as a result of controlled demolition when there is no evidence of it being hit by neither plane nor debris.  In fact of other buildings in the area WTC 3,4,5,6 sustained severe damage from falling debris without collapse. However at 5:20pm the WTC 7 building which housed the DOD, CIA, OEM, and Secret ServiceBuilding 7 housed evidence in the Enron case as well.  Building 7 was also 350 feet away from WTC 1 and 2.  This amazing collapse of a 47 story skyscraper, is not even mentioned in the 9/11 Omission report!
The Patriots took part in an action at the Patriots day Celebration near pinnacle peak and I-17.  At the action several angry humans took issue with the sign as the people who were putting on the event had no intention of allowing anyone to share any information about the root causes of the one of the most tragic events on American soil.  One supposed “security” personnel, in full view of the Jack Booted Thugs,  assaulted the videographer by shoving his camera, as he was so incensed that the Patriots would not move.
Many of the attendees wanted to arrest the Patriots right of free speech.  They utilized the power of the state sponsored violence (police) to order the Patriots off the area that the sponsors had “rented”.  This fly’s in the face of how someone could rent the public sidewalks when they were paid for by the public.  The Patriots not wanting to be brutalized moved to a corner off the supposed “Rented” area
At that point many of the attendees took it upon themselves to place “American war flags” in front of the patriots sign.  All the while many angry exchanges were elicited.   However the patriots outlasted the attendees and after drawing to the sign they decided to leave.
Next the brave patriots took their sign down to a pedestrian walkway and even after being confronted by Jack Booted Thugs for 45 minutes.  The jack Booted Thugs left without the legal ability to force the Patriots to leave the area.  In the 2 full hours over the highway, Thousands of individuals traveling down the highway were exposed to the non-government approved sign declaring 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB 
9/11 911 was an inside job billboard phoenix arizona 
911 was an inside job
view from pedestrian walkway 9/11 billboard 

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