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Alaska man violently brutalized for free speech!

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Alaska man violently brutalized for free speech!

By Thomas Costanzo
Palmer Alaska – August 26, 2010 Peaceful Demonstrator with Impeach Obama Sign is Assaulted!

Jack Booted Thugs posing as Security personnel, violently assault peaceful demonstrator, 52 year old Sidney Hill, as Jack booted Thugs posing as “Police Officers” and “State Troopers” look on and condone the inhumane treatment of the brave demonstrator.

The brutalizing, violent and disorderly conduct event created by the Jack Booted Thugs at Alaska State Fair was supposedly justified, because it was held was on private grounds.  The “Organizers” felt could limit whatever speech they wanted, even though the Alaska State Fair is a “Public Event” paid for with taxpayer money.

The sign Sidney Hill was carrying was a large one supported by a stick which clearly read “Impeach Obama” and has an image of the usurper Obama with an Adolph Hitler style moustache.

An Alaska state trooper comes to the grant “the legitimacy of the state” to the disturbance created by the Jack Booted Thugs.  He threatens the crowd with violence "to take them to jail' if any of them interferes with the criminal disturbance created the minor league "Jack Booted Thugs".
The supposed reason Sidney Hill was brutalized is because charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing.  Sidney Hill is a frequent peaceful demonstrator in the Palmer area.  Hill who was arrested while protesting at the Alaska State Fair has become a minor YouTube celebrity in the Valley.

As to be expected the B.O.R.G. representative and commander of the Palmer police department, Tom Remaley said “he doesn’t feel the force used was excessive.”  This had some effect as to calm some of the slaves who were agitated by the event.  B.O.R.G. Members everywhere are most concerned about the slaves waking up from their state of hypnosis and realizing the State is at war with its population.

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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I am ashamed that my fellow Americans did not  not kick the living stuffings out of those Jack Booted thugs!  Can you believe someone said "call the police" when it was the police that were the agressors? 

 Is it the chemicals in the plastics that are feminizing our men?  That man was assaulted in plain view of a large crowd, pleaded for help. AND THERE WAS NOT A MAN THERE THAT WOULD HELP HIM. Have the preachers of America brainwashed us with FEMA's version of Romans 13 to the point that we will idly stand by and watch such?

 Have you not heeded the warnings of Reverand Martin Niemoellers  poem?   I wish to God I was there.  I might be in jail but I would have at least acted.  What would you have done?

Comment by Don Duncan
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This is nothing compared to most of the citizen/authority confrontations. It still demonstrates the contrast between the myth of "the land of the free..." and the reality that no freedom exists. These confrontations are everywhere, in every state, county, and city. How many YouTube  videos need to appear before people start doing something? For example, when will the mainstream media start showing this? I would like to see a hidden camera account of the conversation in the news room when the editor buries the story and his explanation to 60 minutes. Oh wait. I forgot 60 min. is mainstream. There are so many big stories they could be doing and they are silent. Long live the 'Net!

Comment by Ned The Head
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As unpopular as this makes Ned The Head, I'm only saying what Oyate told me.

There's a time and a place for everything. EVERYTHING. Everything under the sun. A wise warrior knows when it is NOT the time ner the place. So says Oyate.

Oyate further instructs us that to have a respectful demeanor, mindful that the cops are our brothers and sisters in uniform, can only assist in the furtherance of peace and understanding. Why does every patriot video contain a purported man shrieking like my daughter when grounded? And making an embarrassing display? WTF boys, did you ever hear the story about teasing the dragon?

Poking the bear?

Could maybe some of you big, strong patriot men stop squalking like chickens every time a badge encounters you? Seriously, ta f*ck are you people thinking?

Last time I rolled through a checkpoint I said "howdy I'm not here to answer any questions or give you a hard time, here's my license and thanks for the job you are doing". Heck man, usually I get the waive-through which is in some way insulting to me because every body knows I put a high value on my native blood. WTF? I'm not brown enough to warrant further investigation? Man, that hurts. I might just be part native but it's a BIG part. It's a big part. And growing. I call it "a process of re-redening". Kids are fully enrolled Chippewa.

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