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Coastal Residents Under Siege: The Pentagon Papers

Written by Subject: Treason and Sedition
The Pentagon is actively and presently threatening the lives and livelihoods of all American citizens living on or near every coastline. The shockwaves coming from the reckless and intentional actions of the United States military will impact all 300 million citizens and non citizens alike. This is not a statement rooted in hyperbole, it is an undeniable fact and I invite the readesr to tune in tonight to The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges and hear how the Pentagon convicts itself of this allegation inside of thousands of pages of documentation.

Tonight on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, Rosalind Peterson, a retired USDA official, appears with news that is stunning and unprecedented with regard to the United States military. In short, through Operation Red Flag, the United States military is waging war against the people of the United States, particularly along the East, West and Gulf Coasts with a behemoth five year war game coupled with weather modification exercises of which, according to Air Force documentation, is designed to “induce crop shortage which will result in famines.”

A five year war game is unprecedented in American military history. It appears to many experts, in the know, to be a blank check to keep our military in a permanent state of mobilization and alert status. Is the purpose of Operation Red Flag designed to be a kickoff strategy to bring about a third world war? Is this a thinly veiled coup de tat? Or, when the American economy collapses under its own debt, are these the forces of subjugation designed to usher in a “New America” with unprecedented vengeance? Undoubtedly, the listener will decide, but as I can attest to, I have seen the documentation and you are about to be exposed to the same government documentation and your view of the Pentagon will never be the same.

Although not well publicized, Operation Red Flag has been objected to, in writing, by at least seven United States Senators as well as the entire Congressional delegation from Oregon.

Whether of not the United States military has commenced waging against its citizens resulting from the fallout of phosphorous gas and depleted uranium is beyond doubt. Tune into the show as Ms. Peterson presents the Pentagon’s own documentation which serves to clearly validate her claims. This further begs the question, who is really in charge of the Pentagon?  

Some journalists in the public eye seem to rejoice in bringing forth the dark side of the news as it puts the reporter in the limelight at center stage. For this talk show host, I bring this information to your attention with a great deal of sorrow and admittedly, some very real trepidation. I was originally very skeptical of Ms. Peterson’s claims as they seemed to me to be quite unbelievable. Unfortunately for tens of millions of coastal state residents, every claim she makes is true as she will parrot Pentagon operational objectives and white papers on tonight’s show.

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Dave Hodges

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