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Were Planes added in after impacts in video footage?

Written by Subject: 911 / World Trade Center
In startling new video forensic evidence regarding the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center #2, Engineer Richard D. Hall concludes that all video evidence was FAKED. - 9/11 New 3D Analysis Video
In this short video documentary done by engineer, Richard D. Hall, concludes that there was no “plane” that impacted WTC 2, the South Tower. Richard Hall is inspired to do the documentary after watching Simon Shack video September Clues.
Richard builds an exact 3 dimensional representation of the world trade center complex on his computer simulation program. He then plots the flight path of the object which hit WTC 2. Richard says “Once you have seen the analysis by shack it is impossible to believe that the many if not all images were not ‘doctored’”. The complex analysis suggests that composite images were added AFTER the video was taken.

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This is recockulous. There are tons of witnesses that saw the planes with their own eyes. No, wait, that's it! They were all hypnotized by David Copperfield! And the twin towers are really still there but know one can see them because he made them disappear like he did the Statue Of Liberty! Yeah, that's the ticket! 

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