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One Hour “Liberty Walk” for the Constitution, “Time to See How Many of Us There Are”

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One Hour “ Liberty Walk” for the Constitution

Putting Patriotism to the Test:

“Time to See How Many of Us There Are”

Americans Called to March in Every City and Town October 24

QUEENSBURY, NEW  YORK, October, 2010 – On Sunday, October 24, 2010, nine days before the elections, Americans are being called to step into the streets to walk a mile together in a show of support for the nation’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States of America. 

The national civic action will take place from
1-2pm in every time zone.  Organizers are hoping to see millions of patriots from cities and towns across America – of all age groups – participate in the Liberty Walk.  The purpose is to show how many supporters of the Constitution there are; to inspire the People to come together at the local level out of love for America, her Constitution and Freedom; and to encourage personal responsibility for ensuring that constitutional obedience, honor, honesty and integrity are returned to government at every level.

The Liberty Walk is a non-political event.  Pro-Constitution candidates and politicians are invited to attend and walk humbly with the People.  For that one hour, there will be no political speeches or campaigning, only reflection on the history, meaning, effect and significance of our Charters of Freedom.  Participants will step off together at 1pm and end at a gathering place, where a special ceremony will be given to honor Country and Constitution.

“There are millions of Americans who yearn for constitutional governance, carried out in decency and good order,” said Bob Schulz, a leading activist in defense of the Constitution.  “This is a special time to see how many of us there really are.  Nine days before the mid-term election, the Liberty Walk is a nationwide event to demonstrate our common cause.  We hope all will join in the Walk, as we remember the Patriots of Old, rejoice in the legacy of our Country, and walk side-by-side with our neighbors in defense of Liberty and the profound principles of Freedom that our Constitution guarantees."

Schulz continued, "The Constitution is hanging by a thread and is not going to be defended unless a critical mass of the People begin to stand in its defense.  Every violation of the Constitution continues to have a devastating effect on the nation, our economy, our families, businesses and our global reputation,” he concluded.  “Only the People can step up and see that it is obeyed.”

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Each local walk will conclude with a short Patriotic ceremony including songs and address calling for defense of the Constitution.
WALKERS/PARTICIPANTS -- A printable event handout will be avilable on the website containing lyrics and additional information. Print one out for each friend or member of your family.
ORGANIZERS -- Full Organizer resources are available on the website including editable promotional materials for local details, a full event script, music files, banner/web images, etc. 

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Do me a big favor and quit stopping for red lights, and never, NEVER look both ways before crossing...

The Gene Pool has an algae bloom - it needs to be drained, and 'survival of the fittest' needs to go back to the front of the line.

You have a right to your opinion, and I will not delete them.  I will even defend TO THE DEATH your right to say them - no matter how wrong I may consider them. 

You can have your 'nobody in charge' all you want - just STFU when someone with greater force than you does something to you that you cannot defend against! 

Comment by G Cone
Entered on:

I'm with Phil on this. And Lysander Spooner. Why should I be bound to a contract I never signed? The We The People Foundation seems like they just want to be the new boss to replace the old boss. They strike me as a very religious organization. I don't believe in mythology of any kind and see religion, including christianity insanity as another collectivist mind control effort. 

Comment by Phil Williamson
Entered on:

No gates left open sorry. The constitution is an instrument of tyranny and was designed to be what it is, a worthless piece of paper covered in ink. Oath Keepers are the jack boot thugs that have agreed to be the strong arm of the politicians and uphold and protect the con game called government. There is no honor in being a member of the governments enforcement arm no matter which branch of psychopaths one serves. Constitutionalists are morons and Oath keepers are psychotic criminals. Facts are facts and the truth is the truth sorry if it crushes your delusional reality.  

Comment by Ned The Head
Entered on:

Phil, please help us identify your position by telling us which gate got left open:

1. Huffington Post

2. Daily Kos

3. Michael Moore

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:


You have a lotta BALLS saying this to my face...

Oh yeah, this isn't to my face, it's an anonymous attack on my person hiding from behind a computer screen.

Cowards like you don't say things like this to people's faces when they are ACCOUNTABLE for their statements.

I know nothing about you or where to find you and discuss issues like MEN, but you know where I'll be on the 24th.

Come talk shit about Oathkeepers then!

Ed Vallejo


Comment by Phil Williamson
Entered on:

Take your parchment idolatry and shove it.  March for your continued enslavement as your original masters intended, how lovely. I hope a lot of you oath keepers show up to take responsibility for your theft and rape of mankind.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

For those in the Phoenix Metropolitan area wanting details, click on 'Arizona' at the site above, or see our MeetUp Event listing here:

See you there!

Ed Vallejo


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