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Ed Pastor confronted on 9/11 and runs away!

Written by Subject: 911 / World Trade Center
A Forum of sorts is conducted at the The Disability Empowerment Center of Arizona where voters have the opportunity to question their candidates.  The only incumbent shows up is Ed Pastor and he is questioned about the 1200 architects and Engineers who disagree with the governments "official conspiratorial" report.  Not only does Ed Pastor NOT answer the question,  HE RUNS AWAY!
Mike Shoen For Congress Arizona Congressional District 3.  Mike Shoen is at an Election forum at The Disability Empowerment Center of Arizona on 10/20/10 where the candidates have an opportunity to interact with their constituents.  Ben Quayle and Jon Hulburd are NO SHOWS.  They are not interested in what the voters think.  If they wanted to know our opinion they would be giving it to us.

Mike Shoen is asked about the 9/11 conspiracy and bringing the Co-conspirators to justice.  The largest crime against human life in the history of the United States, The largest crime against property in the history of the United States, In 9 years we have not tried a co-conspirator, we haven't even CHARGED one!
You have the Republican Party working to make sure there is no trial! I wrote an article on it.

Mike Shoen was a deputy prosecuting attorney.  The reason is a criminal defense attorney, will show there are other co-conspirators and they were intelligence organizations!

Now I go to talk to Ed Pastor and watch how he runs away from me!  Ed Pastor doesn't care about anyone but himself!  Ed Pastor is a ZERO!  1280 Architects and Engineers are questioning 9/11, what is your position?  Ed Pastor Thinks 9/11 is funny!  It's a big Joke to him and his man servant!

Ed Pastor receives 9/11 evidence signed by 1280 architects and Engineers on September 09, 2010

Vote for Mike Shoen Libertarian for district 3 Arizona
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