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Arizona Democrats Back Libertarian for Congress Nick Coons?

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In case anyone hasn’t yet heard, the Arizona Democratic Party is spending thousands of dollars to promote Libertarian candidate Nick Coons’ campaign in Congressional District 5. You know that a political race is getting interesting, or that somebody’s really desperate, when a political party starts promoting an opposition candidate. I think this may be the best story of the 2010 campaign. Strange bedfellows indeed.

This week has seen three different mailers (and counting) from the Arizona Democratic Party purporting to attack Nick Coons for his opposition to Obama’s political agenda. In particular, his opposition to Obama’s health care power grab. Are the Democrats unaware of the widespread opposition to Obamacare? Of course not. Attacking Coons in this fashion is simply their desperate attempt to siphon votes away from Republican David Schweikert.

Equally interesting is a mailer sent out by a mystery group out of Tucson attacking David Schweikert’s fiscal profligacy compared to Coons’ support for reducing the Federal deficit. Unlike the Democratic Party’s mailers, this piece is a more overt attempt at leading voters from Schweikert to Coons. The major problem with it is that the mailer doesn’t list who mailed it out, except for the “AJM 85713” in the mailing indicia. This may run afoul of campaign disclosure laws; although surely nothing will be done about it.

In any event, the overriding aspect of the CD5 race is the fact that it has been run almost entirely by the Parties, rather than the candidates. I suspect that this election may well break records for Republican and Democratic Parties’ expenditures in support of their candidates. That is to say, attacking opposition candidates. There is a good reason for this; although I doubt that it has been noted by the lamestream media. This year the US government conducted a census. Next year the political party that controls the US House of Representatives will pay homage to Elbridge Gerry and redraw congressional districts to its advantage based on the results of that census.

So you better believe that there will be no claim too outlandish to go into a campaign mailer. And promoting Libertarian Nick Coons is to be expected from a party with candidate as lackluster as Harry Mitchell.
In my days as a Libertarian activist it was fairly common for Republicans to try and persuade us not to run a candidate against them. (It makes them look bad when there’s a candidate in their race who really does oppose big government.) Why, I remember a little meeting in a coffee shop in Globe… oh, never mind that. The point is we’ve now evolved to the point where the major parties have stolen enough money that they can use a portion of it to promote Libertarians if they feel it is to their advantage.
The pertinent question is - Would they do so if they felt the Libertarian Party was truly a threat to their leviathan government?
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Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Dear Editor :
The same thing got done here in Indiana . ( see attachment )
9th Congressional District .

Barron Hill incumbent :

Tod Young :
Republican candidate :

Greg Knot  Libertarian candidate :

Thank you .
Duncan Adams
Libertarian Party
Brown County Indiana  

Comment by Powell Gammill
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85713 = zip-code? = Tucson, AZ

Sweet!  I hope D-1, D-4 and D-7 get similar treatment.

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