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Let's Go See The Good Doctor, Ron Paul !

Written by Ducati Jeanne Subject: r3VOLution Continues
Campaign For Liberty 2010 Liberty Weekend is this weekend. 
Kicking it off is a Liberty Rally featuring Dr. Ron Paul on Friday, Nov 19th, 12-2 pm on Hayden Lawn at ASU. 
This is a free gig outdoors.  Bring yer friends to see and hear the good doctor.
Friday afternoon starting @ 5:45 pm there will be two events at the Phoenician Resort on Camelback Road in the Grand Ballroom. Lux digs to say the least!
AZC4L is hosting a private reception; up close and personal!  Then the Politics On The Rocks event runs from 6 pm to 9 pm. If we are lucky, Dr. Paul will make an appearance at this event.
Saturday starting @ 8 am is The Campaign For Liberty Convention @ Memorial Union @ ASU.
Two FREE events to attend and two events require tickets.  Come show your support and admiration for this wonderful man.
For more information check out Campaign For Liberty under Arizona news and also Politics On The Rocks facebook or website.
See you there!  

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Comment by Mark Zemel
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 Why are you honored to see Ron Paul? Dr. Paul says the grassroots should become Republican precinct committeemen and your group says "still voting?"

How would you care about Ron Paul when if he was running you would encourage people not to vote?

Wouldn't Ron Paul be one of those "establishment voting types?"


I won't see your reply if you put it on a blog. Please email me.


Mark Zemel



Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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I've got my tickets, free and otherwise to attend these exciting scenes.   See you at the bar during Politics on the Rocks.  If you answer a trick question correctly, I will buy!  Yikes.....

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Good morning, thanks for the clarification!  Ron Paul, Ron Paul!  I hope others will make comments here/let me know any cool plans and chances to hook up.  I don't do facebook, yet.  I have some signs if anyone wants to do a street action, etc. just let me know.

Comment by Anonymous
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 If you want to spend any time with him on Friday, you'll need to attend the C4L VIP reception.  He'll only make a cameo at the POTR event.

Tickets to the VIP reception here

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