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Ron Paul ASU Nov 19,2010

Written by Subject: r3VOLution Continues
Tempe Arizona - Barry Goldwater Jr. introduces Congressman Ron Paul to the students and visitors at Arizona State University. Ron Paul was a Student at Duke University where he became a fan of Hayek.

In 1984 and 1988 Ron Paul ran for president as a Libertarian. Ron Paul is married to Carol Paul and has 5 children including Rand Paul who has just been elected as a senator for Kentucky. We are privileged to have this esteemed interpreter for Freedom and liberty, Ron Paul.

The Republicans have not been too good at fixing problems and the ones who have been recently elected are going to have to prove themselves.

We want to know what the Fed is doing. When the people are loud enough te politicians will act. In Houston, Texas we have just taken down the traffic cameras.

There is still alot of pressure on the people. if the people think the government is oing to take care of them cradle to grave they are going to. At least until the government is bankrupt. AND WE ARE THERE! You can not spend yourself into prosperity.

Wars are perpetual. Military policy doesn't change. Foreign policy doesn't change. Economic policy doesn't change. things will remain the same until the people change. We are in transition.

Ernie Hancock coined the revolution with the letters in a special way. The R3volution is alive and well, let's continue it.

Last week I got upset with traveling and the TSA at the airports. For decades I have talked about the stupidity of out foreign policy and monetary policy. If we dont strip search there is no hope for us. We need to stop this tyranny at the airports.

People would be arrested if one of us did what the TSA dos groping and taking nude photographs. Government agents have different rules than the rest of us. Freedom is at risk. Theft by governments is the same as theft by individuals.

Tempe Arizona - Ron Paul continues his speech at ASU.  They gave the death penalty for counterfeiting.  The Federal Reserve spends the money without supervision.

What about those in both parties that ignore the constitution and take us to unconstitutional WARS?  This is why people in other countries hate us...because we are bombing and killing.  Torture still goes on.  The pictures from Abu Ghraib are still circulating around the Muslim world.

The CIA was involved and then destroyed the evidence.  The Obama administration refused to follow up and will not pursue it.  It is the POLICY of the United States.  As long as torture is the policy of America, the united States can not be great!

We can not have courts outside the law.  The united States has a policy that can designate Americans for assassination y order of the president or attorney general.  The law is supposed to protect the bad guys so the good guys will not be tortured.  They want to protect the secret prisons in other countries.

I would remove sovereign immunity from the government agents and give that to the whistle blowers.  A Few brave souls like wikileaks are breaking a rule but the government is breaking the LAW.  The whistle blowers are the true patriots.

We have come to believe the government is here to keep us safe.  The president DOES NOT take an oath to keep us safe.  He takes an oath to protect the constitution!

We can borrow money, print money, we are the reserve currency for the world. 

The absolute awareness that the government CAN'T Protect you but they CAN take away your liberties.

We Don't need the TSA to keep us safe.  It is the responsibility of the company to protect their passengers and cargo.  We are not ANY safer.  We have become our own worst enemies.

Al Qaeda cant change our constitution.  We need to protect ourselves from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.  We are not safer overall.  We have eroded our civil liberties.  We have lost over 6,000 people, 35,000 injured, 10's of thousands with Post Traumatic Stress synDrome PTSD.  And that is what the war is costing us.  We are punishing ourselves!

We need to get rid of Al Qaeda the same way we would get rid of a drug dealer, by legalizing drugs.  You want to get rid of Al Qaeda, You have to change foreign policy.  Every bit of collateral damage like the 35 that were killed in Pakistan recently invites another family to hate us.

The previous administration tried to convince us that other countries hated us because we were rich and prosperous.  The number one reason for suicide attacks is because of occupation of a foreign country.  That is why we need to give up occupation of foreign countries and bring the troops home and have them spend their money in our country.

The Chaos is created because of our occupation of other countries.  We just marched in, we can just march out!
Ron Paul continues his speech from Nov 19, 2010 This consequence of undermining our civil liberties. We can put off the wars unless we know someone who has been killed. Up to now totalitarian society is known when they force you to carry your papers. We have been there for a while. You have to show your papers. What we have now I don't know any other country that has done it. In our case we have to reveal our genitalia!

Unless we get to the point where we put our foot down this will continue. Fear is a TOOL!

Before 9/11 we were spending 40 billion dollars on intelligence. We ignored the fair warnings we received, but they spent money on fixing elections and starting new wars.

We will not put up with his and the airports will get chaotic. Can we depend on the courts or executive branch? NO WAY!

The answer is your safety depends on what you do. We don't have a policeman at you front door. This is why the founders gave us the second amendment!

The police don't protect us, so it is up to us. We have an opportunity, we have bad economics, monetary policy, but the big crisis is the attack on our liberty.

I am not against the FED because of the constitution or because it is bad economics. The real reason to be opposed to the federal Reserves is because this secrecy is how the government gets bigger. It would be very hard to have run away welfare / warfare spending without a secret bank.

When you care about personal liberty, healthier economy you have to support the position to remove the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is the engine of inflation. END THE FED!

In a free society, you have the right to all you produce, which means no income tax. You also have to respect your neighbor. About 100 years ago people became more concerned about the products of liberty instead of the principles of liberty. The became materialistic.

The reason it doesn't work is because there is too much intolerance in the world. It means you can't tell others what to do as long as they don't hurt other people.
Ron Paul continues his speech at ASU part 4 of 4. We get intolerant. I ask other congressman why the pass one consumer protection thing. They have said the people are too stupid, we have to take care of them. Many of them believe you pt something in your lungs and you become a heroin addict.

The best way to understand this is that we still have an understanding of the 1st amendment, but that is being eroded lately. There is an understanding that people can say unpopular things. They can talk about socialism or anything else in a free society. When it comes to personal behavior no one wants to apply the same rules. To be tolerant of others making choices is different than tolerating what they do.

When people take responsibility for their own lives the world would be a better place. Once you turn it over to the government, it is bad news for us, and undermining of liberty. They don't see it, as the same violence. The violence of the war state is the SAME violence as the welfare state. Because they are taking by force. We DON'T have free market capitalism. We have to many banks and corporations who benefit from the Military Industrial Governmental Complex.

We need to defend freedom of choice. Wealth creation in a free society is done by allowing the consumer to VOTE! A vote is done every time a consumer buys a thing. You don't like the product you just don't BUY the product.

Cell phones amaze me. Could you imagine 20 years ago the department of Homeland Security being charged to make a cell phone? It would be JUNK!

We need to apply the same philosophy for the distribution of health care. Free competition in the field of medical care. The government creates licensing to cause monopolies. The fanfare from Obamacare, the drug companies and insurance companies came out all right.

In a free society, you have to provide services. The government puts up road blocks with vitamins and holistic services. The people can make up their own minds whether it is medical or whatever.

Things will get a lot worse. We have to understand the role of government. The role of government is to protect our freedoms. The soviet system collapsed without a war. It collapsed because of their economic system.

One principle we must challenge is: it is now permissible to have a preventative war. America is NOT about aggression.

Now we want to blame China because their currency is weak. We don't what to look at ourselves. China is a country where they work, they produce products, they save and invest their money. They buy oil rights around the world and they loan us money. Seems like they have caught the capitalism bug.

We will have a crisis, we preach change but non violence. I think civil disobedience is great.

We have to convince the masses to believe freedom is in their best interest. Now people believe my best interest is served by dependency on the government. The government will rob others and give that to me.

A Free society allows us to pursue our values of virtue and excellence. When the governments spell out what is virtue and excellence, the want power and authority. They want to dominate and dictate. They want us to work hard so they can raise our TAXES!

3 years ago I had a hard time getting people to think about the federal reserve. Now you get 3 or more people together and they start shouting END THE FED

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