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TSA packets for Nov 24 2010 demonstration Phoenix Sky Harbor

Written by Subject: Activism
Phoenix Arizona Individuals get together to assemble TSA Travel Safety Accessories for travelers who are going to fly out of Sky Harbor international Airport on the most traveled day of the year November 24, 2010.

This day is being called National Opt-Out day in response to the the totalitarian edict from the TSA. The latest measure from the POLICE STATE says that a passenger needs to be radiated by pornographic scanners OR have their genitalia inspected by TSA agents in order to fly on an Airplane.

The Travel Safety Accessories contains 2 blue gloves for the TSA agents to place on their hands prior to the groping procedure. Normally the TSA agents wear the same gloves to grope each passenger. The baggie give the passenger the ability to give the TSA agent a new pair of Blue Gloves to grope them with so that germs from the testicles of on passenger are not spread to other passengers thereby decrease the spread of disease.

The baggie also contains a copy of the movie "For Liberty" How the Ron Paul R3volution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty. Recently Congressman Ron Paul introduced legislation to stop this most recent attack on civil liberties by the TSA.

The baggie also includes a Godzilla Attack Dosimeter with information on how to order a real dosimeter so that passengers and TSA agent alike can determine the actual radiation received out of the pornographic body scanners

Finally we get an interview with Marc Victor at attorney for freedom just in case you get arrested while doing a demonstration

Stay tuned in for more activism videos

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