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TSA 'Opt-Out' Bags Handed Out at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

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I met with premier Phoenix Activist Donna Hancock bright and early this morning at a Circle K just outside the East entrance of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at 5:45 a.m.
We were at the Freedom's Phoenix Workshop yesterday for about seven hours with a dozen other Phoenix area Activists, assembling the packets to be distributed today.
We put together about 500 of these packages, which include:
A 'Godzilla Attack' Dosimeter Badge (courtesy of
A R3VOLUTION card with more info
an extra pair of blue latex gloves (they don't change gloves between pat-downs, possibly passing pathogens from person to person)
a dvd with For Liberty, and
a lawyers' business card (Marc Victor)
here's the dosimeter, front:
and back:
We parked in Terminal 4 self-parking, donned our blue gloves, and proceeded into the terminal.  Donna left a bag on the desk outside the elevators (which was gone when we came back), and only handed out one or two bags on our way to the South upstairs arrival curb, where we knew we would see the most people.
Just as I had anticipated from my years as a cab driver, the curb was very busy at 6 a.m. the day before Thanksgiving, and I posted up at the entrance, while Donna decided to wander around inside the Terminal.
Ten or so minutes later, she pops outside the door and we compare notes.  She had given out a few inside, but it seemed the entrance was the best place to be, so we were on either side of the door, doing our thing.
We soon realized the basics of the situation.  You know how things get when you arrived at a busy airport to catch your flight during the holidays - your hands are full and you just have so much time to do your business.  Those people were best left alone, and we tried to stay out of those people's way, while actually getting receptivity from many interested passengers.  It was only a short time of trying out many different 'lines' on people, and the one that seemed to work best for me was "are you opting out of the x-ray machines?"  Those that indicated they were, I would hand them a bag and say "MAKE them change their gloves before patting you down!"  This kind of POWER people responded to!  It gave them the directive option, and when many people understood that THERE WAS NO GLOVE CHANGE BETWEEN PAT-DOWNS, the light went off in their heads, and they profusely thanked us for providing that which they didn't think of, and most were 'grossed out' at the idea to start with.
One other thing that surprised me was the amount of airport workers and TSA Agents that ASKED us for a bag!  I was astounded when a PILOT came back outside and asked me for a bag when he found out what was in them!!!
This was definiely worth doing, and I will be out there off and on throughout the day handing these bags out until they are all gone.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Or you might try the TSA rapid pass through security kid which pretty much removes then need for either radiation or a pat-down. The kit consists of a very tight speedo/swimsuit like undergarmet over which you put your regular travel clothes. You also have a canvas bag. At the security line, you stop, strip down to your speedo, put all your stuff into the TSA security transit bag (onto which you should have stenciled or painted a logo) and walk through. Yes --- I am assuming that you are not ashamed of the body that god gave you. If you have a really hot body, you could even do some moves to entertain others. Or you could do some moves anyway. Anyway, with skin tight coverings there is clearly no reason to be touched or radiated.  

Comment by Max Schofield
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OUTSTANDING!!! When everyone else is inside you (Donna & Ed) will be outstanding. Pun and sentiment intended!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Right you are Ralph.  As a former lab manager responsible for the safety of dozens of my employees in a lab were both radiation producing materials and reagents were utilized everyone of my employees had dosimetry badges that were collected and tested monthly.  I kept a running count of the annual accumulated dosage because radiation is cumulative and there really isn't such a thing as a safe dosage.  Only a less likely to screw you over dosage. 

I frankly had to laugh when the low paid government TSA employees were working near/next to these machines scanning baggage and people without their radiation dosage being tracked.  I could not legally get away with that.  Nor would I ethically do so either.  Yet government dismisses the problem and a bunch of TSA workers will come down with cancer years from now and their offspring may have serious birth defects.  X-rays/gamma rays are nothing to scoff at and the emissions they produce/richocet when they strike objects in the luggage.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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hahahahahaha Awesome.


That last picture is classic!

Comment by Ralph Whitley
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DOSIMETER FOR ONE TRIP THROUGH BACKSCATTER WILL READ NOTHING EXCITING - TSA/AIRPORT EMPLOYEES/SECURITY SHOULD BE WEARING THEM EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY SHIFT FOR EVERY DAY UNTIL THEY GET THE READINGS TO CLIMB WHICH WILL HAPPEN ! Remember Baggage Scanners run perhaps 21,000 bags through a scanner in one shift if not more. The Radiation Levels are not measured because THEY do not have a Dosimeter. Same true for the 12,000-18,000 passengers run through ONE AIRSIDE WITH THREE FULL BODY SCANNERS PLUS BAGGAGE SCANNERS. Some readings must be made for an entire 8 hour shift. I would have required a DOSIMETER PACKAGED AND INSTALLED WITH EACH UNIT so one can walk bye and read the levels ! OUTSTANDING IDEA OF THE HAND OUT PACKAGE WITH DOSIMETER --- Should give to TSA PERSONNEL ! 

Comment by Michele Power
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I couldn't be there, so thanks for the report that the opt-out efforts are being positivley received.

.....not like we'll hear that from the MSM.

You guys are great! 

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
Entered on:

 And the winners of the coveted STREET CRED award are Ed and Donna!!!

I missed it...signed, Feel like a Poser



Comment by Ernest Hancock
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That last photo is priceless!

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