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National Opt Out Day Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Written by Subject: Activism
Phoenix Arizona Demonstrators gather outside the "security checkpoints" to distribute information about the dangers of the Radiation screening as well as the groping procedures implemented by the TSA, otherwise known as the toothpaste Stealing Agents.  This is part of a nationwide demonstration to expose the police state known as National Opt Out Day.

We meet Nicholas a 9 year old boy who does not like what is going on.  Nicholas believes that you have a right to your privacy.
Phoenix Arizona Sky Harbor Airport activists gather to encourage travelers to opt out of the back scanner radiation machine and allow themselves to have their genitalia be groped by Toothpaste Stealing Agents TSA. The activists are handing out Travel Safety Accessories TSA to aid the travelers with their gropes. In the packets are a pair of Blue gloves, the Movie "For Liberty" how the Ron Paul R3volution watered the withered Tree of Liberty. a Godzilla Attack Dosimeter that explains how the scanning machines have not been tested to determine their safety. There is NO WAY to predict the effects of radiating such a large swath of the population. The activists are causing such a ruckus that Janet Napalitano comes to visit and promises to cavity search them all.

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