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Top 1% owns 80% of the wealth in America

Written by Meria Heller Subject: Congress-Congressmen
(Satire?) Wikileaks or not, truth, distraction or propaganda matters not. It’s all distraction from illegal wars and the crumbling of the ENTIRE world’s economy. The class warfare that has existed worldwide for decades (ok, centuries) is finally breaking out into the open. Italy, UK, France, Spain, Iceland, Scotland (must I go on?) are waking up to the ugly truth – we’ve all been had! Protests abound,new governments are being formed, new Constitutions too. Alas, but not for slumbering America. We are still watching Dancing With the Stars, and enjoying the celebritizaton of the worse among us (more distraction).
We have people who are dying for lack of medical insurance, medical care, food, shelter and education in the “richest” country on Earth. We’ve suffered stolen elections, false flags, the Patriot Act, loss of freedoms and rights, tasers, backscatters and now strip searches at airports (for starters). Millions homeless. Millions starving. Millions suffering. Millions have lost their homes and savings due to the criminals in suits. The Reptiles at the top – the Rothschild/Rockefeller (Bauer & Rockenfelder originally) banking cartel. They have moved from problem-reaction-solution to no-problem-reaction-solution. They are laughing all the way to the bank as our country and it’s treasure is destroyed forever.
Support the troops who live homeless in America upon their return. Support the troops who wait a minimum of six months for treatment after their return from corporate wars. I saw the video of two “security” guards at McCarran Airport beat and taser an Iraqi War Veteran! Punishment he did not suffer at the hands of the “enemy”. The enemy is “us”. At no time has an American been a threat to an airline or skyscraper. Yet, all of America lines up for the police state and harassment posing as “safety measures”. The only people they are keeping safe is themselves from us. They surely must know that America WILL indeed awaken eventually and their asses will be the proverbial “grass”.
One half of Congress are millionaires, new “installs” join the Millionaires Club in January. This people are supposed to represent us but couldn’t relate to our lives if they had to. True taxation without representation. When the majority of wealth is in the hands of the top 1%  the rest of us, the people who make up America have to survive on their 20% of the crumbs left over. Unemployment is well over 23% although they say it’s 9.8%. If you don’t know that you haven’t been listening to my show. The austerity in Europe will be here in 2011. If that’s okay with you, stop reading this right now.
Watch and listen to Independent Bernie Sanders on this:
There is a new vibration on Planet Earth – it’s one of truth, justice and love. It cannot be stopped. More and more people will rise up. More and more military persons will drop their weapons. No matter what the controllers do or build to protect themselves they will fail. The numbers will just be overwhelming.
Where do you stand? It’s time to take a stand for real truth, justice and the Ameri-CAN way. We can change this country, world and planet. It will call for solidarity will all the downtrodden. If you don’t think you are downtrodden, you haven’t lost enough yet. Unless you are in the caste system known as the top 1%, you are disposable to them. Turn off the corporate control media – support this site and show. Take your money out of the multi-national money laundering, drug laundering banks while you still can. Vote with your fork and your dollar. Buy local. Starve a corporation and feed liberty!  One day in the not too distant future, your heirs will ask you “what did you do when all this was happening”? How will you respond? Will you say you watched tv and rooted for the best dancer? Will you say “I did everything I possibly could without thought to what the cost to myself would be”.
When the sleeping giant awakens there will be no place for the criminals in suits to hide. Nor for their nazi armies, police forces, security people who use the same tired line as the Nazi’s did “I was only following orders”. They will be following their higher ups into a hell of their own creation. Heaven or hell? You choose.

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