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Anonymous Targeting Financial Services Companies Over Wikileaks

Written by Subject: Activism
Update 1930 pst: PayPal servers failing. end
Update 1900 pst: Because PayPal is still restricting the WikiLeaks account, Anonymous turns LOIC on the online processor. end
Update 1645 pst: PayPal bows to pressure and releases Wikileaks funds! PayPal statement. end
Update 1615 pst: Visa seems to be winning the battle in the US, at the expense of their Europa websites.  Anon ops back up on Twitter as @Op_Payback. end
According to an Anonymous-related Twitter account, succumbed to the voluntary botnet LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) within 16 minutes of becoming the new target of "Operation Payback".
It is unclear whether Visa payment processing is being affected, but MasterCard confirmed that its payment processing server was crippled after overnight Anonymous attacks.
Twitter recently suspended the @Anonops account.  When the LOIC target became MasterCard, a graphic was circulated indicating that Twitter may also be targeted.
As of this morning, over 1700 computers were connected to the LOIC hivemind (the targeting source).  The PayPal blog has been an intermittent target over the past few days, but rumors indicate Anonymous will target the PayPal main site if the hivemind connections reach 5,000.
Anonymous websites are also under heavy attack.
IRC: (2700+ in #operationpayback)

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