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Ice, Ice Baby!

Written by Subject: Chemtrails

Thanks to Freedom's Phoenix editor Ed Vallejo, we have an excellent video of so-called “chemtrails” being created (and a wonderful shot of Ed's cute little grand son)!

What makes this video excellent is the description as well as the documentation of visible effects. From Ed's dialog we get a clear statement of facts and observations:

When: Dec 4, 2010
Where: Phoenix, AZ
Prior Sky Condition: Clear
Current Sky Condition: Hazy

Ed's observations are great, but he makes an errant statement when he says contrails would last for only “seven or eight jet lengths” and not stretch from horizon to horizon.

Under certain atmospheric conditions, there would be absolutely no expectation of contrail dissipation. Coincidentally, under those specific conditions, we would expect the sky to go from “clear” to the exact condition documented by the lens.

The specific condition under which we would absolutely expect this behavior is a super-saturated, super-cooled, stable air mass at the flight levels (25,000 – 40,000 feet pressure altitude) with near-constant wind speed and direction.

Below is the 4 Dec 1800z (11:00 am Phoenix time) sounding from the Phoenix airport plotted on a Skew-T chart.

As a quick tutorial on reading the Skew-T, the bold red line is the air parcel temperature at the various pressure gradients. The bold blue line is the dew point. The left-hand scale is pressure in millibars, which is mapped to pressure altitude on the right-hand scale. The bottom scale is temperature in degrees Celsius, with the temperature grid represented by thin red lines sloping up and to the right at a 45 degree angle.

The thin blue lines curving up and to the left are the dry adiabats. Thin red lines curving up are the saturated adiabats. We would expect a “normal” air parcel to cool along the dry adiabat until reaching the constant mixing ratio (plotted along the grey lines from surface dew point) and then to cool along the saturated adiabat.

The chart on the right plots wind direction and speed at the various pressure gradients. Each long barb is 10 knots, each short barb is 5 knots, and a pennant is 50 knots. So, on the 1800 sounding, we can see the wind at 400mb was from the southwest (230 degrees) at 40 knots.

From the surface, the 1800 sounding shows initial instability of the parcel up to 800mb (6,700 ft), then a stable air mass all the way up to 200mb (40,000 ft). The parcel cools below freezing at 12,500 ft (just above 650mb).

The most interesting part of the 1800 sounding, though, is from 400mb to 200mb (24,500 to 40,000 ft). There, the temperature and dew point lines converge; the parcel is 100% saturated with water vapor. If there were clouds on that day, they would have to be in this range.

However, Ed made the observation that the sky was clear prior to taking the video. That means, as the parcel rose it became super-saturated. The air temperature in that range went from -24 degrees to -60 degrees, meaning the parcel also became super-cooled. The wind goes from a near-constant 230 at 40 knots up to 35,000 ft, then jumps to 65 knots and 77 knots at 40,000 ft, still from 230 degrees.

In other words, the 1800 sounding shows a super-saturated, super-cooled, stable air mass at the flight levels with near-constant wind speed and direction, exactly the conditions we would expect from Ed's description.

Here's the 4 Dec, 2100z (1:00 pm Phoenix) forecast:
And here's the 5 Dec, 0000z (5:00 pm Phoenix) sounding:

We can see from these plots very little change in the air mass over Phoenix for this six-hour window.

A jet flying over Phoenix on 4 Dec, 2010 would be expected to disturb the super-cooled air and form ice crystals in its wake (just like opening that beer from the very back wall of the fridge). Given the air temperature, we would expect the ice crystals to sublimate back into water vapor, but, since the air mass is super-saturated, there's no place for them to sublimate to on this particular day.

Given the constant wind speed and direction, the contrails left by the jets would move to the northeast at 2/3 to 1 nautical mile per minute. The contrail from a jet in three-minute trail of another, then, would be offset by two to three miles, depending on their altitude. This creates the observed grid effect, as Phoenix's proximity to the border makes it the flyover waypoint for Dallas and Albuquerque flights to and from Southern California.

Lastly, it is in the nature of solids suspended in fluid (like ice crystals in air) to move from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration. So, in addition to being pushed to the northeast by the wind, we would expect the contrails to spread out and disperse, causing the hazy effect that Ed observed.

Now, if these planes were spraying some chemical or chemicals, we would also expect that spray to follow the same behavior, at least until the nozzles became clogged with ice. However, it is not an either/or proposition. Given the atmospheric conditions on that day, the things Ed observed absolutely will happen, so any spraying behavior would be in addition to the result of disturbing a super-cooled, super-saturated fluid.

So, the observations in Ed's video are insufficient to support the hypothesis that something was being sprayed that day. There are free tools available to proponents of that hypothesis that could either prove or disprove it, but, to my knowledge, none of them have actually used them; proponents rely instead on unscientific speculation.

With one two and a half minute video, Ed does more to get to the truth than any purported “documentary” on the subject, all of which suspiciously omit any mention of date, time, or place. Here's hoping more chemtrail theorists become as conscientious with their documentation as Ed!

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Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

Without specific dates, Shelton, I wouldn't know what to tell you other than the air column is not homogeneous.  The surface temp, pressure, dew point, and winds can be the same but wildly different at 10k, 20k, and 30k, especially in a valley.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

Brock I didn't say those days in the video I said about a year ago. I remember these trails one day and the next there was nothing but the days were identical in temp, wind, dewpoint etc.Did the plane all the sudden quit flying? So why would one day there be trail and the next nothing if the variables did not change?

Comment by Scott Heitmann
Entered on:


Apparently the weather pattern you cite is conducive to

aerial chemical spraying

Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

Oops, here's day three in your video

4 Mar 09 0000z:

Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

Another good video, Shelton.  I don't have PHX for those days, but here's Flagstaff:

1 Mar 09 0000z actual:

2 Mar 09 0000z actual:

3 Mar 09 0000z actual:

Same thing, all three days - a super-saturated, super-cooled parcel at the flight levels with near constant windspeed and direction.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

Brock…I appreciate the research but you only show readings from one day.


I’ve done a little research on this subject after I did a video similar to this. 


About a year ago one day the trails were really bad and then the next day NOTHING. I though this was strange since both days were the exact same temperature. I researched the temperatures dew points etc and they were practically identical. So I ask how could this be? Why trails one day and nothing the next when the variables did not change?


When we were kids planes rarely left these trails behind. In fact, we got excited seeing it because the Blue Angels was the only time we ever got to see a plane leaving a trail and those trails were done deliberately.


In as much, the government has already admitted to spraying you….where have you been?


Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

Brock never signed his Illuminati Disinformation Identification card...that alone is enough to dismiss his argument :)

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

Speak English, please, not Greek… You all explained this "jet trail" phenomenon more sky-bombed than how Einstein chalked his relativity theory on the blackboard. Notwithstanding my more than 27 years in the academe before I retired, it took me more than fifty years burning my midnight-candle, just to understand the scientific terms Einstein used and perhaps another fifty years to understand how relative are those terms to his theory. That’s why my eldest son became a physicist, and my 22-year old eldest granddaughter became an astronaut now in NASA, Houston, Texas. Still, I don’t get it because they all spoke geek to me, like you do, people...

But the only comment in this space that makes sense to the layman is that coming from SamFox:

"We do know, don't we, that part of the 'take over the USA & control every one & every thing' 'progressive' platform is eugenics? This is why M Sanger founded Planned Parenthood & came up with her "Negro Project". 

"The progs don't just want to kill off black & Hispanic people, they want to reduce the population of the earth to manageable levels. If you are one of what they call a useless eater...I suggest going top YouTube & look up what GB Shaw says about those who don't produce enough."

It is well-addressed to eugenic writers wanting to stop immigration in America to get rid of what they think are excess people [you know this familiar anti-population sore eye who is always appearing in this website by sheer tolerance or "freedom of expression"] ...sterilize Americans to stop them from multiplying or producing babies, and just eliminate the rest except for a "few" the genocidal gods would choose to live in America … just eliminate the rest of them [especially "black & Hispanic people" that this anti-immigration crackpot I am referring to hates deeply in his bones], either by "poison" in the food they eat, by systematically murdering them all via chemtrail [Ice, Ice Baby!] if not by wanton destruction [the infamous Gulf oil poisoning] or by intentionally destroying infrastructures that looks like accidents, not to speak of the likes of Bill Gates' vaccination horror not only to depopulate this country but also the entire planet [the Third World scaled down to population-zero by 2050]. This is how madcap depopulation writers kill by screwing up the minds of readers -- their own special way of reducing population to achieve a better quality of life[!] They really, really believed that it's heroic to save the world by killing people ... isn't that simply great for a cranial specimen in the lab?


Comment by Scott Heitmann
Entered on:


 You are obviously one of the NWO advocates.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
Entered on:

Are there any reports of people getting sick at a higher rate than normal?

 Several years ago there was a TV news reporter who filmed spray nozzles attached to passenger jets on the trailing edge of the left wing.. That story died very quickly. 

We do know, don't we, that part of the 'take over the USA & control every one & every thing' 'progressive' platform is eugenics? This is why M Sanger founded Planned Parenthood & came up with her "Negro Project". 

The progs don't just want to kill off black & Hispanic people, they want to reduce the population of the earth to manageable levels. If you are one of what they call a useless eater...I suggest going top YouTube & look up what GB Shaw says about those who don't produce enough.







Comment by Annette Hardman
Entered on:




Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

oswegoscott, you are attempting to put words in my mouth.

Again, please forward the proof of the things you know and allow them to be evaluated in a scientific manner.

Comment by Scott Heitmann
Entered on:

C'mon- you are attempting to attribute all horizon to horizon trails as being from normal flights. If true,then air traffic in my area has increased 10-fold,which it hasn't. In fact,a fighter wing was transferred from here this past year.

Also,I KNOW that levels of sulpher,bromide,aluminum have gone way up in the soil and water

Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

oswegoscott, can you point out where in this article I attributed this to all the trails you see?  I will gladly edit the article with attribution to you if you can!

It would be completely unscientific to make that statement and would put this article in the "editorial" section.

I would, however, encourage you to forward the proof of your hypothesis.  The goal is truth, right?

Comment by Scott Heitmann
Entered on:


 Were your hands quivering when you wrote this- like Bernanke's lips on 60 Minutes?

 AND,how come I didn't see any after the UN asked all countries to cease geo-engineering? After a week or so they resumed here,because our gov remembered we weren't a party to the original agreement.

   Your explanation for ALL these trails is pure hogwash.


Comment by Scott Heitmann
Entered on:

  To attribute this to ALL the trails we see is

insulting! We are not fools, but this writer certainly is.

Don't you know it is Santa making his rounds?

Makes as much sense


Comment by Brock Lorber
Entered on:

Why over metro areas?  Because that's where the waypoints are.

As just a brief foray: waypoints started in the days before wireless as actual lights on the ground.  You can still see them on the old airmail routes in Colorado.  They were replaced first by NDBs (non-directional AM beacons) and then VORs (VHF omni-range antennas, the bowling-pin lookalikes).  Grand Junction aside, it makes sense to put those antennas in places that are easy to reach (near Metros) and near destinations (Metros).

Now, of course, with GPS, we can arbitrarily put waypoints where ever.

However, the old waypoints are still there and are a good backup in case the GPS receiver malfunctions, so we tend to stick to routes that are defined by ground-based antennas, even if we nav to those waypoints using GPS alone.

The key waypoints, as far as Phoenix is concerned, to SoCal are GBN (Gila Bend), BXK (Buckeye), and DRK (Prescott).  Those waypoints funnel traffic to IPL (Imperial), and PKE (Parker) where the Standard Terminal Arrivals to San Diego and the LA Basin begin, respectively.

IPL and PKE are also key waypoints on the departure procedures from those areas.

Flights transiting to and from those waypoints will certainly grid Phoenix.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

A friend and I were about 30 miles north of Phoenix today and noticed how clear and blue the sky was on the outside patio at lunch. Coming into phoenix we could see the what is now a regular site of dispersed 'plane trails' now covering the Valley of the Sun again today. So my question is now about the plane routes above. Are they focused over the Metro areas, and why?






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