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Bill of Rights Day Celebration

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Phoenix Arizona - Bill of rights Day Celebration at the Wrigley Mansion on December 15, 2010.  This is the 9th Annual Celebration culminating with reading of the bill of rights.  About 200 people gathered to in honor of our rights that the founding fathers put down on paper.

The constitution did not have any protections in place to protect the sovereigns on the land against abuses by the government or the majority.  So the first 10 Amendments known as Bill of Rights were a compromise between the federalists, those who were in favor of big central government and the Anti Federalists, the libertarians of their day. 

The Constitution was created to have a strong central government and it was thought by some that having un-a-lien-able rights which cannot be given or taken away would be a barrier to the strong central government.

Unfortunately the hopes that the rights would be protected by a piece of paper has turned into a little more than a pipe dream as the "Bill of Rights" are not funded by anything.  Those who are in power get paid through the "powers" and the ability to steal otherwise known as Taxes they deem granted by the constitution.

A simple review of Boby Levy's presentation on the worst supreme court decisions known as "The Dirty Dozen" makes it blatantly oblivious that the people who work for the government in all branches of the government Executive, Legislative and Judicial are in league with each other.  Their purpose is to subvert the Bill of Rights with such thinly veiled arguments, such as the general welfare clause and the interstate commerce clause that make the bill of Rights an after though rather than THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB THE GOVERNMENT HAS!
Also included in the festivities is a presentation by Dr. Lance Hurley who does a masterful presentation and reinactment of Patrick Henry's famous speech "Give me Liberty or give me death".
The music lineup included the barbershop quartet Equinox and by the Cartridge Family Band.

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Comment by Mike Chavez
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Wow, that first paragraph about the constitution not having any protection against government is pure truthiness. 

The constitution does not grant or list the rights of the People either in body or in the first ten amendments. 

The federal constiutiton DOES grant the and list the rights of the government.  Art 1 section 8 lists the 17 powers of congress.  Article one section 9 restricts how those powers can be exercised.  And the first 10 amendments further restrict how those powers can be exercised. 

They are written from the people to Congress explaining how the Congress is limited.  "Congress shall make no law..." 

Read the preamble to the first ten amendments... it's all right there.

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