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Jack McLamb - "Phoenix Police Officer of the Year" (TODAY... NOW!)

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Dear Family, Friends, Allies & Future Friends,


            Jack McLamb 

"Phoenix Police Officer of the Year"                         
(Not once, but twice; yet his Police Chief had the gall to fire him twice,  as the ACLU made the very unusual move to defend Police Officer McLamb, sued the chief and won McLamb's reinstatement, twice. WHY? Because Jack was  teaching officers the U.S. Constitution, due to the officers' oath to defend…!)

Let's enjoy a TOAST & ROAST of one of America's 20th & 21st Century Paul Reveres and one of our nation's most famou,...

           "Watchmen on the Wall"


              TODAY, Sunday, Dec. 26

                         1 - 3:45 PM

                1312 N. Scottsdale Rd.

                           Scottsdale, AZ

We asked Jack to invite his children and grandchildren to this historic event.                                    LET’S HONOR ALL OF THEM TOO, OKAY?Rick Dalton, Jack’s police partner, and 20-year “Aid and Abet” partner shall                                        join us, along with many of Jack’s long time friends, allies and many..                                                                                                          “Paul/Paulette Revere Patriot Partners!”                                                               
(NOTE: Jack has serious high blood pressure and serious sugar diabetes!)  Each of you shall be invited to toast and roast Jack. Email & call ALL, now! 
Doug Millar (707) 396-8215 (A Jack McLamb ally, since early 1992)


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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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I won't argue that Jack is doing good these days and has turned over a new leaf  but in his past he put people in jail for mala-prohibita crimes involving what they put in their bodies. I have never heard him appologize for these heinous acts. I think he owes us all at least that.

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