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Freedoms Phoenix and American Precious Metals VIDEO (How to Buy and Sell Silver)

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This video was made December 27th 2010

(Comment on your video: Buying and Selling Silver April 29th 2011

"It's been 4 months since this excellent upload. I think it can be said that Ron Paul's voice is starting to come out of the wilderness and into the MSM.

But the hour is very late indeed. That bag of "junk" in the video that had a street value of about $980 last December is now almost $1,700.

Tick... tick... tick... tick...")

LOVEolutionary "Alma" reports for FreedomsPhoenix on how to use Silver in the coming financial crisis. We also get a bit of history from APM owner Jerry Williams about the use and history of US coins pre-1964 are 90% silver ($50 worth of dimes = $1000)

And then 24 hours later... this happened

If you have the Money (Minimum Order $1000 Face = about $20,000 at $30/Oz) you can get Silver Dimes Below Spot Price - As much as -$0.80 under spot)

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Comment by Guy Chouinard,jr (33761)
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Please check out my new blog on silver.

Comment by Robert Emery (21695)
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 About the cheapest place I know of to get silver is Delvalley Silver, $1.40 over spot up to 100  1oz round and a $1.20 over 100 round, shiping & handling $6.80 up to 100  1oz rounds

Comment by Ed Vallejo (5272)
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Big thanks to Alma and Ernie for this video!  One thing I didn't see though - the address:

American Precious Metals, Inc.

2850 E. Camelback Road, Suite 185

I'm going to pick some up today. 

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