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Written by Nonya Bizness Subject: Education: Government Schools

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Comment by Nonya Bizness
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I have tried to correct the errors in this entry and it never comes over correctly. So I am now leaving it as it is. The district finally decided to accept my terms of resignation. Apparently, from the repeated phone calls encouraging my resignation, they did not want me speaking "publicly" at the Board meeting. I have been fortunate enough to find a much better teaching position in a small, family-oriented charter school, where teachers feel supported and trusted. A school that believes in teaching the whole child through their personal strengths and inquiries without obsession over test results. Things that are not possible in the average classroom today of 30-50 students.

Comment by Rollin Shultz
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If you intend on staying in teaching you would do best to go private.  The American education system was taken over by the Rockefellers and other global elitists over 50 years ago. They have been slowly but surely coopting the system through adoption if UN initiatives for many years. Only indoctinated (brainwashed) like M.O. can advance in the system. You, a teacher who cares are an outsider, and a source of guilt to them, because they are bothered by the knowledge they have sold out and they resent soneone like you being a constant reminder of their banality.

Maybe you could set up your own one on one teaching or tutoring business. I hope and pray you find a solution.

God bless you

Comment by William Reyes
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It's a sad state of affairs, especially reading how this is just a small sample of even greater problems and shortcomings of the current public school system and the so-called Dept of Education.

For the Children? This is the farce that is the public school system in America.

The students and the teachers are regarded as pieces on a board game. They are not the subject of the game, they are just pieces that move around the game.

Alot of the things mentioned about classroom sizes and the handcuffing of teachers reminds me of John Taylor Gatto and his book (which I have not read entirely, just pieces of) called "Dumbing Us Down". He is also working on a documentary. Here is a promo



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