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"Bountiful Baskets – A food cooperative!"

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"picking up our basket" $15 conventional or $25 organic

Bountiful Baskets – A food cooperative!

"Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op is a community of people who utilize their purchasing power as a group to buy items at wholesale prices.  We are dedicated to helping our communities eat healthier by providing fresh, high quality, delicious produce at an affordable cost.  Bountiful Baskets is not a business; it is a completely volunteer-run food cooperative."
My wife Gwen and I are very health conscious and try to live a healthy life, and so we stay away from what we consider toxic/ poisonous vaccines, GMO and pesticide foods, and processed foods.  Gwen and I even gave away our microwave.


We like to see natural path Doctors as primary health professionals, and whole heartedly believe that treating the body with good nutrient foods and herbs for natural healing is a primary source of natural medicine.  God has given us everything we need to be health and live health.


But sometimes this way of living is very expensive and in these extremely hard times we can’t afford everything.  Organic/high quality Food was costing us about $90-$130 per week, and this was becoming to expensive for us to afford.

"one organic Basket plus bread" $35
My wife Gwen heard about Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op though
some friends. So after months of putting it off we finally committed and signed up.  I can’t express enough what a blessing it has been to us and our family’s not only was one basket eno4ugh for us but I gave some extra stuff to my brother and parents and still had some left over.  
  " Two baskets plus berries and bread"  $45

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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BTW - Thank you Andrew and Gwen for bringing us this very valuable information.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Ahhhh, you could call me.

Comment by Brock
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And, a Happy New Year to you and yours! 

Comment by Ned The Head
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Yeah too bad most FP readers don't know their publishers are full of sheep-dip.


Ok whatever. Oyate wants you all to know that John Stuart, activist and scholar is on trial for his life right in Phoenix Arizona and Oyate also wants you to know that editors of FP are not only ignoring this issue, they refuse to re-enable Oyate's account so a brother can speak on behalf of another brother.

Oyate also wishes editors and publishers to know that John Stuart has come up with the most effective plan to save American homeowners from fraudulent foreclosures and that John Stuart is a real man.

Oyate goes so far as to imply that the editors and publishers of Freedoms Phoenix are pussy faggots for not standing up for one of their own.

His name is John Chester Stuart and he was a friend and counselor to the late Aaron Russo. So anybody in Phoenix that claims they knew Aaron and helped with the message, this is not true. Aaron Russo relied upon John C. Stuart for input.

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Thing is you pretend to be this or that and I know the truth. Remember that Ernie? We know the truth? Well the truth is you climbed up on some people's backs and now they need help and you ain't giving it to them.

What you owe, you motherfuckers, is some face to John Chester Stuart. Because he and we were fighting before you little pissants were trying to get radio time on XM looser sats. And back in the day, we used to take care of each other. EACH OTHER. And a bro was a bro.

And each and every one of you are leaving John C. Stuart out to dry.

Often when I counsel with Gary I say "what would Aaron do?" Often we both say ho man, maybe a lot more. Me and Gary have the love of the man who was a step better than us. You guys are showing us a step beneath us. And you are supposed to be the leaders and you, Enrie, invoke Aaron all the time. So it's time to step up, it's not too late.

--I am a coin holder, Eccilesiatical Order of Mobius Nemisis.