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Alcan Traveler - Camping Trailer

Written by Subject: Off Grid Living - Survival Prepping
As it is with most activists, there is a beginning.
My beginning was my desire to help my father export his domestically successful product. During the 1988 election cycle all we heard about everyday was our need to export USA manufactured goods to "save our economy" etc. I encouraged my father to start taking seriously the requests to distribute his product in Europe (the travel barriers were coming down and European tours on motorcycles were begging for a high quality camping trailer just like my father's) The Alcan Traveler Brochure PDF Front and Back
The quest to determine the lowest Duties and Taxes for Importing his product in Europe sent me on a path of discovery that exposed the Global effort to control all commerce.
So, since I reference this product often on my radio show and in conversation as the beginning of my understanding of what was happening, by whom, why and how, I'll start using this article to add to the understanding of how it was that a young married son with 4 young children, of an inventor/innovator was motivated to learn the truth.
Since we are moving and going through all of our old papers, files and pictures, I'll start documenting this path for the first time on Freedoms Phoenix.