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Piss ON george w. bush

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Phoenix Arizona george w. bush comes to town and I am part of the welcoming committee. To Celebrate the murdering tyrants entrance to town where he will be speaking at the convention center on to a christian collage. Activists staged a demonstration to make sure that as many attendees were aware that george w. bush is a murdering warmonger. One activist created souvenir piss cards that are dropped in urinals inviting people to piss on george w. bush

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Comment by TommiT
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This story shows the value of online media versus print media.  The picture editing, hearing the voices of people downtown, and watching Bush enter the convention center are better than still pictures and text in print media.  This is the perfect story for online media.

Comment by McElchap
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 GEE! OH! PEE!  This makes me wish I still lived in Phoenix, where I could properly greet such as George W. Bush! Remember, that "Trickle-Down" theory Reagan started was just the GOP way of saying "piss on you". It is only fair to return the favor to the Fascist Party's most recent champion.

Comment by Temper Bay
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 No, I wouldn't piss on that war criminal if he were rolling around on the ground on fire. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Dude, don't waste the laminate.   You just lightly coat them -- both sides -- with a flat polyurethane spray.  That keeps the ink from running or the paper wilting.