Article Image Coins made of Siver!

Coin Silver Calculator App now on the iPhone App Store!

Written by Subject: Wallet Voting -_- The Coin Silver Calculator app was developed recently to offer real time prices on silver and convert the worth of your coin silver lying around the house into its actual worth according to the spot price. It is very possible if you have a coin jug lying around that the total in the jug equals far more than you'd expect, in precious metal. So before you take it to the fancy coin counting machines at the grocery store (where they take 7%) try finding out how much your coins are really worth with the coin Silver app.
The Android app was released in late December and last updated on January 13th, v 1.00 has be downloaded over 170 times and is currently free on the android market. New ideas and updates are in the works, your ideas and thoughts are welcome as we develop this app, Feel free to leave your feedback below or on the Android Market Page. Also be sure to follow our  facebook and twitter feeds @ #agcal