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Bin Laden's Body, what a joke and disgrace

Written by Subject: Obama Administration
The hardwired message for that campaign reads . . .
Here's another example of why I don't trust my government, and why I want it to do less.
Here are my personal comments, from which you may borrow if you want to send a similar letter . . .
Killing Osama Bin Laden should have been a moment of complete triumph. It should have brought closure. Instead, because the politicians and bureaucrats who run the Federal State are so incompetent, there can now be NO closure, ever.
Instead of closure, we now have an infinite problem. Bin Laden will be like Elvis. He will live forever, and be seen everywhere, forever.
Disposing of Bin Laden's body was an act of such mind-numbing stupidity that it leaves me nearly apoplectic with frustration.
It should be perfectly obvious to anyone with two IQ points to rub together that Obama's body had to be seen by the world. Never mind Islamic sensibilities, you people are supposed to serve US!
You should have shown us the body and given us an independent autopsy by NON-government scientists.
Then . . .
Bin Laden should have been buried in a secure place on some military base with the following tombstone -- "This is what happens to scum bags."
That would have given the world closure. But what you have given us instead is NOTHING, except a controversy that will rage for the rest of time.
This, to me, is a perfect example of how "government" operates. You people could mess up a train wreck. You can't even succeed without failing. And yet, you dare to presume that you can run everything and regulate everything. What a tragic joke.
I really have had enough. The only way that I can see for you to stop messing things up is for you to STOP DOING THINGS!
I want my so-called "government" restored to the size of the Constitution. Included in that must be a resolve to start defending America, instead of roaming around the world making new enemies for us.
You botched the chance to give us closure on Osama Bin Laden. Make up for it by bringing an end to the cancerous incompetent state you have foisted on us.
Perry Willis
Vice President, Inc.

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