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FreedomsPhoenix Digital Magazine READY!

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FreedomsPhoenix Digital Magazine READY!

(Check out our SILVER Options)

Blazes a Trail to Tomorrow
with its fully interactive Tablet Magazine.

Be sure to check out your ability to Subscribe with SILVER. - REMEMBER... This Magazine is FREE to share with as many people as possible... it is the site interface and tools that require a Subscription. Please subscribe... After 6 years of development to finally have completed our dream to share with you all... We Deserve It :)

We'll start making Video Tutorials for all of the amazing tools that most don't know will be available to Subscribers once we get a few days of feedback from Subscribers. We will also be updating Digital Device Tips constantly so keep checking. Please share your experiences (Great and Bad) with Ernest at Publisher -at-

You have 3 files to choose from:

1) A 3 page Sample file in HighRes so you can view all of the great authors and the titles of their Articles. Page 3 will help you with Digital Device instructions and provide links to more information.
2) The LowRes file is for quick Tablet/SmartPhone loading and viewing (the HighRes works well too)
3) The HighRes file is for maximum viewing pleasure on you primary computer.

The release of the FreedomsPhoenix Subscriber Package will be fully operational Friday at Midnight PST (Really 11:59pm :) This will allow for weekend reading of the first edition of the Digital Magazine.

We are near completion of the eZine and the interfacing with the Main Site (lots of features and tools that will have short video tutorials created within days after we test the completed package) We are also creating the instruction pages for various devices and platforms (different Enhanced PDF Readers work better than others on various devices – Androids, iPads, Zoom Tablet, Smartphones, Kindles etc.)

We will also be adding a test DOWNLOAD button that will allow for a FREE preview of a few pages so that potential subscribers can test the platform and install readers and be sure that they are ready before payment (the Online Computer reading of the files is very easy) but the goal is to make the eZine fully functional on portable digital devices that are fully integrated with the main Web Site.

Please do not attempt to register until Package Release... we are testing now.



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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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You must be a subscriber to Download the Magazine. But once you get the file you can share it via email or any other file transfer. We will soon be able to provide rewards for how many subscribers come from individually tagged PDFs of the eZine that was used to encourage forwarding. This also allows us to see which accounts might be using the files to SPAM others. So, the option is to pay at least $5, send me some SILVER or have a friend with an account that can send the file... those are the best options.

Comment by JustinTyme
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I'm confused... "REMEMBER... This Magazine is FREE to share with as many people as possible... it is the site interface and tools that require a Subscription. "  When I click on the "Download Magazine File" it doesn't download anything.

What exactly are the site interface and tools all about?


Comment by Ernest Hancock
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The finishing touches are being done now on the subscription interface. We are beta testing everything now. At the top left of the site is the link to the Magazine. When we are ready we'll promote the links.

Comment by frerad1776
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How do I subscribe?