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William Dale Foust De Jure Arizona Chief Justice Murdered by De Facto Police of Page

Written by Subject: Death
The Republic for the united States of America
From the Desk of the Chief Ambassador
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Monday, June 20, 2011
Regarding: William Dale Foust
To My Fellow Americans,

It is with a heavy, heavy, broken heart that I write this press release this morning.  My friend, Billy Foust, left this world yesterday evening for another. In a most tragic manner Bill was shot and killed by a Page, Arizona police officer in the driveway of his home. The specifics of the incident are not known at this time. As details become available the Republic will be notified. So that we all may honor Bill, his loved ones, and the Republic for which he stood and that he loved beyond measure, please take pause in your day for a moment to remember our brother and pray for Bill, his wife, his family, and all those that require our Father’s blessing at this time.
This evening at 5:30 PST we invite the Republic to join the prayer call. The call in number is 712-432-0075 and the code is 359789. Our Republic Chaplain, Wade Butler, will lead a special prayer session in honor of Bill and for his family. In this truly sorrowful time please let us unite the Republic in prayer.

On behalf of all those who were fortunate enough to have known Bill, it can be said without reservation that William Dale Foust will be written about in history books as one of the favorite sons of the Republic and truly one of the present day “Founding Fathers.”
He was committed to the cause of our Republic with complete passion and dedication, bringing his unique blend of intelligence, humor and courage to all that he applied his most sincere capacities. All who had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with him were lifted in spirit and felt embraced by his love and passion for freedom and justice. It was not much more than a year ago that he was introduced to the principles of law that our Republic is founded upon, and from that instant he dedicated almost every waking hour to study, to teaching and to engaging the work of freedom for the benefit of everyone. He was a selfless player in the re-inhabiting and development of the Republic and all here in Arizona and many throughout the nation looked upon him as a natural born leader with many years ahead of him of service. He will be deeply missed by all.

I leave you with this thought about Bill. Saturday night Bill, Clyde Cleveland and I talked into the late night about the Republic and the need to come together in unity. We discussed the varied opinions about things that need to be done. It was Bill in his calm measured tone that reminded us that we must respect the diversity of everyone’s perspectives, for if we do not all may be for naught. By the end of the call we agreed that we all want the same thing, and in the spirit of unity and common ground, we need to talk with each other and work through differences to come to common resolve.

He was my true friend and I tell you this, Billy Foust was a man for the ages. Let us now come together in his honor in that unity he believed so strongly was the one common ground that we must share for the greater good of our nation and this world. On behalf of the Arizona Republic, our Governor, Hal Epperson, and on behalf of all of Billy’s extended Republic family –

God bless you buddy, you are loved.
Our Deepest Condolences,
James KalmFitzgerald
Chief Ambassador
The Republic for the united States of America

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Comment by Andrew Troutner
Entered on:

I doubt there really was a domestic violence call to begin with.. that's a common claim made by law enforcement when they want an excuse to enter someone's property without obtaining a warrant.

Comment by ED Dru
Entered on:

Whats the name of the police officer?  Whats his history, Who does he answer to?  This is a good start. I would like to research this.  Same thing just happen to Michael Schmidt in Dallas Texas as he started on a billion dollar Suit against the Medical Mafia.  All you double agents are exposed by your Psycopathic comments so keep them coming but just let us know who you really are don't hide behind fake names have some balls and step up so all know who you are.  Why hide if you are speaking truth?  There will be a time when Millions will not accept the murder of heros.  A hero is one who gives his life for others, for the bigger good to many.  God Bless your friends and loved ones Dale and thankyou for your priceless Contribution.

Comment by Molon Labe
Entered on:

 So the man got what he deserved? It's not  for you to pass judgment, ASSHOLE!

Comment by Donna Johnson
Entered on:

Sad to see the story on Bill,I have just began to study and came apon a video of his .I am looking for a group/teacher in Northern cali if anyone can point me in right direct.

Comment by Joe Koncur
Entered on:

I have never know Billy personally, but I have watched as many videos of him as I could, because he had a way about him, that kept the interest of everyone in the room. Then I watched by another man at the same location. Even though that guy was good, I could only dwell on the fact that Billy was gone. I then read the story on one of the paper links, and I said to myself that there is no way that he would have grabbed the cop's tazer. Billy Foust was murdered, just like many other real patriots, murdered because he was teaching many what the adversary does not want people to learn. Joe

Comment by Suze anon
Entered on:

The very FIRST thought I'd like to share is that there seems the perception that "grabbing for the taser" actually DID happen. This does not make sense for numerous reasons - the first one being that it is actual CONTACT with the taser that creates harm. So why would ANYONE with 1/2 a brain (and Bill Foust was particularly mentally sharp and aware) take the step of creating that contact? They would NOT - that is the answer there. EVEN IF that did take place it is NOT grounds to kill. Period. And the idiot that said that Bill "got what he deserved" DESERVES such an ending - because that "person" is a declared cancer mingling among living men and women who wish to LIVE (not exist) in PEACE - even among the idiots, like the one I mentioned who posted here. What a moron - and if you have children I imagine that you're doing all you can to bring them up as good little slaves, so they can, in their turn, make such idiotic statements that show a complete lack of respect for SELF, as well as others.

Comment by Joe Mulligan
Entered on:

 I knew a different Bill Foust.  He and Toni were in constant battle, hence the call to Page PD.  Bill had a vile, quick temper that did not serve him well.  He would pull any scam to "pick your pocket" while laughing all the way to hide the money.  B&T Marine owed a number of people.  It was just a matter of time until his temper got the best of him.

Comment by warrington vincent
Entered on:

The fact is the officer had many choices he chose to kill i was an mp if he went for the taser he could have just kept steping back to give him time to deploy the taser or he could have pistol whipped him worst case shot his pinky toe he wanted to kill so he did now it sends a message to otjers its ok to kill in simalier sits cops should resolve things with respect for life

Comment by Arden Small
Entered on:

 I  knew Billy in Victorville many years ago.We worked together in construction,played ball together,music,muscle cars,along with other endeavours.He was a man with many interests,but surely a man of peace. But I also know that if he was physically threathened he would defend himself as many of us would. Did Billy do enough up to this point in this matter to give the officer justifyable cause to pursue and apprehend him? I think not.It probably was a matter that probably could and would have been resolved peaceably if better judgement had been exercised.This is a terrible injustice.Thanks Billy for all the special times we spent together.You'll be remembered for the great and fun person that you were.I'll continue to watch and see what becomes of this.I hpoe you are not made out to look like the bad guy.Your friend, Art.

Comment by Roger Davies
Entered on:

One thing you can take to the bank; the LSM will not mention ANYTHING about the Republic. Nothing positive, that is.

Comment by H. Skip Robinson
Entered on:

It is sad that so many Police Officers have chosen to be a part of the various fascist government departments within the United States that have been oppressing and suppressing freedom through various malum prohibitum laws and heavy progressive taxes-the 2nd platform of Communism, via excessive fines, false arrests and imprisonment. Police brutality has been caught on video so many times that it is no longer unusual news. My brother was falsely arrested under domestic violence charges only later to have his ex-wife recant her incriminating lies. It was she that should have been arrested according to my niece for both domestic violence and fraud. Police Officers often times wrongly arrest people without having probably cause and that is a fact that also comes to light so often that it is no longer real news. Name one major police organization in America that hasn't had numerous number of police officers prosecuted for drugs, fraud, police brutality and other such criminal activities. Dirty Police and corrupt politicians are sadly a way of life in America and neglecting and ignoring such facts is not being intellectually honest. If such activities were not so common, that would be another story and just think how many cops don't get caught. I can only guess that it is an internal problem stemming from the force of government, we call police power, and as we all know power is corruptive. When people choose to be in bed with those that are corrupt, the politicians and judges, from what history has shown, they become as guilty as them. And don’t give me that nonsense that it’s only a few bad apples because the intellegent Citizens of this nation know better. They have chosen to be a part of the fascistic state and therefore they are no longer true police officers in my eyes and they are now part of the problem as they turn more and more vitious toward the Citizens of this once great country.   

Comment by Joe Tittiger
Entered on:

Could it be that a storm trooper accidently killed someone who was not a  mundane?  Would this even be news if the storm trooper had only killed a mundane?

Comment by Joe Blow
Entered on:

You people are all physco.....he got what he deserved.  The officer responded appropriately 

Comment by Concerned Citizen
Entered on:

It is an officer's duty to protect and serve; they must stay alive in order to do so.  Not in this man's character to grab for a taser, just like he couldn't possibly have been a wife beater?  Those who "knew" him only knew what he chose to share with them.  The same is true for all of us.  We all have our private lives but that does not mean "anything goes" just because you are at home.  Domestic violence is obscene and should not be tolerated.  Two people were afraid for their lives because of this man, and I am not saying that means he "deserved" to die, I am just pointing out that not only black kids from Harlem are capable of commiting crimes. 

Comment by Jim Dunnam
Entered on:

I want to send my condolences to the family of Chief Justice Foust.  I can only imagine the pain you are experiencing and the suffering you now must endure.  I pray our Heavenly Father will embrace and comfort you in your loss and pain.  With much sorrow that a Brother of the Republic has been removed from us in such a manner, please know that The Father is in charge and I can only believe there is a purpose to what otherwise seems a senseless killing.  May God bless you.


Comment by Ern Eli
Entered on:

 With deepest sympathy, my prayers go to Mrs Foust, children and family. Bill had every right to defend himself on his property. Arizona or any police officers have no right to enter anyone's property and murder innocent people. The "official" story is short and lacks detail. Police Brutality is on the rise and it is time for We The People take a stand for justice, not "just us." Alabama stands with Arizona Republic! God bless the Foust Family.

Comment by Tom Westbrook
Entered on:

Concerned Citizen - "An officer's duty is to make it home alive" -- I thought his duty was to "protect and serve"? Maybe the cop should have just stayed home if his duty is to "make it home alive". If he would have, this day, there would be two less victims: a dead person, and a loved one who has to live the rest of her life knowing a single phone call resulted in her partner's death. Personally if my life depended on it I would not call 911 I would take my chances defending myself.

So far we've only heard the police report, we haven't heard the witness report. MSM doesn't report that. Those who knew Billy knew that it wasn't in his character to 'grab for a tazer'. This is a good story, and probably works well when the victim is a 19 year old black kid from Harlem but doesn't sit well with those who knew Billy.


Comment by Concerned Citizen
Entered on:

I am appalled that people think you can grab for a police officer's taser and NOT get shot!  An officer's duty is to make it home alive at the end of a shift and he/she can assume you intend to prevent this from happening if you are threatening them with a weapon, whether it be your own or theirs.  Do you honestly think they are going to wait around to get tased and see what you do to them after? That is disgusting.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

After arriving, Wilson, a five-year veteran, began interviewing William Foust. The exchange grew confrontational, according to witnesses, and the two walked outside.

The confrontation then became physical and Foust tried to get a hold of Wilson's stun gun. It was then that Wilson shot Foust.

A second officer arrived, and he and Wilson administered CPR before Foust was transported to Page Hospital, where he was declared dead.

Read more: 
Comment by Fred Smith
Entered on:

The latest update states that Mr. Foust tried to "gain control of the officer's Taser", so the officer shot him.  I realize that we civilians should never touch a LEO in any way -- but being shot for trying to grab a Taser?  That seems like an extreme response to me.  

Comment by Mike Dugger
Entered on:

This is indeed tragic news of the worst sort. Bill Foust was an impressive man to say the least. He was also a man of peace; as one of the last times I had the pleasure of hearing him speak he stated that he had quit carrying a firearm lest the police use it as an excuse to claim he had threatened them with it.

While the facts of the incident are all but non-existent for now, I hope that a witness or witnesses will come forward to shed some light on the circumstances. Until then, I have to believe that the fault lies with someone other than Bill.

Rest in peace, Bill.


Comment by Kenneth DeWit
Entered on:

 Please inform me of the reason behind why this man was assasinated by a COP! Thank you and my regrets to the family. Kenny deWit

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Page has a weekly that comes out on Weds.

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