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UPDATE 12 - Pictures from Porcfest 2011 - Ernest Hancock and Freedom's Phoenix Crew

Written by Subject: Freedom's Phoenix
From Keene to Manchester (lanes are just guidelines :)

Downtown Keene

Julian at Keene City Court

Pete Eyre in Keene

Group Photo

Rebel Inc.

Jordan Page


Sexy Grandpa
John Bush

Ross Edwards & Bob Murphy



Dog Jayne Hat
Chalk the Police

Warning Mr. TSA... Copblock panties are dripping wet


Discussion Group

Game Room

Kids Relay Race
Kids Events
George Mandrik

Bacon Weave Omlets

Larken Rose and Julian Heicklen
Adam vs. The Man

Adam vs. The Man LIVE audience 

Audience for the LIVE show!

Strike The Root
Shelton "4409"
Leslie from Vitginia

Nick and Cloe



Nerf Table!!! AWESOME!
Buzz's BIGGER Gay Dance Party!

Ross' Tattoo by Leah @ Porcfest - Joy Division Album Cover

Freedom's Phoenix Campsite

Alma Sommer

Alma Sommer - "No More Slave #'s For The Children!"
Atlas Shrugged - Animated 

Classic Ernie - Don't Stand Next to the TORCH!
Freedom's Phoenix Table in Agora Valley #35
Liberty - Too Big To Fail
Nick Barnett going to pick up his wife in style from the airport in Ernie's rental car... NICE!

Nick Barnett with a Jayne Hat!

Porcfest 2011

Starchild and Drew Phillips - Dime Cards

Starchild & Ross

Alma at the Freedom's Phoenix Table

Drew and Alma at the Freedom's Phoenix Table
Larken Rose


"Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock"
Radio show LIVE from Porcfest 2011 on LRN.FM everyday 3-5pm EST

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