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How to Wear your Hat in Court!

Written by Subject: Police State
Morpheus heads in to court for the heinous crime of having a blinking light on his bicycle! 

Plus they have a hard time deciding is it a bike or is it a moped.  At 3:13 I go through my bit on conditionally accepting the judges order to remove my hat on prove of bonafide claim I am required to do so.  Interesting the cop said on the record I was in commerce 2 times...Interesting.  I learned a bit and next time will be better.  BTW I got this security agreement otherwise known as a ticket coming home from the Bill of Rights Day Celebration at the Wrigley Mansion.  Bill of right what a joke. Ha ha

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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My apologies.  I must have closed the video window while I was working.  I just listened to the last portion, and the Judge got it right!  Amazing.  He was VERY accommodative to you, in spite of your arrogance.

Are you still pushing for your four million bucks? 

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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SO-RRYYYY The 'officers' didn't even know the 'law' they were there to enFORCE!  Thomas, I love ya dearly, but you didn't have to drag all that crap with you to win this farce.  Three questions could have straightened this whole debacle out, BUT YOU WEREN'T PREPARED. shows that you weren't 'driving' a moped, shows you were 'riding' a "motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle" (the officer stated he saw the 'motor-assist'in his own worrds, thereby impeaching himself), and doesn't state 'steady' or 'flashing' - only 'visible'.

But good try.  Too bad we didn't hear the outcome.  What happened after the end of the video?

Comment by Renee Houlihan
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What a bunch of BS!  Don't those officers  have anything better to do then mess with people?  Geeeeeeee!

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