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Mind - Body Wellness Conference 2011 July 30: 8am - 4pm

Written by Subject: Health and Physical Fitness

July 30th  8am - 4pm  NO COST, Bring a Friend


8 - 8:30am:  Meditation

8:30 - 9am:  Registration/Breakfast Snack

9 - 10am:     Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paul Mittman

           AM Speaker: Kathleen Gould

12 - 1pm:     Complimentary Light Lunch/Vendors

           PM Speaker: Allen S. Chips

 3 - 4pm:     Vendors


Southwest Institute is proud to present the Mind-Body Wellness Conference. Whether you own a holistic business or you want to strengthen your own healthy lifestyle, join us Saturday, July 30th to learn how integrating different modalities can improve mind-body wellness and greatly enhance the healing process. Herbalism can play a big role in helping the body prevent illness and cope with various types of disease. Hypnotherapy techniques can help you understand root issues, and help untangle the conscious and subconscious beliefs we hold that keep us stuck.


Start the day with a quiet meditation to relax and rejuvenate your soul. Then enjoy a day filled with discussions and teachings from leaders in the Holistic Health industry. A light lunch will be available at no cost to all attendees, along with the opportunity to speak directly with Kathleen Gould, Dr. Allen Chips and several other vendors eager to share their information and resources with you.


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 Kathleen Gould, RH


Kathleen Gould, SW Herb Shop & Gathering Place

Topic: Herbs for Preventing Various Illnesses

Herbalist Kathy Gould will be taking you on a journey into the world of herbal healing and more. Kathy will give an introduction to herbs and all their healing powers. Participants will be among the first to enjoy her 3 new proprietary blends of tea specially formulated for SWIHA.


 Allen S. Chips, DCH, PhD


Dr. Allen Chips, President of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH)
Topic: The Life Cycle of the Soul

Dr. Chips will discuss common experiences clients have had while hypnotically regressed from the last past life through the pre-birth planning stages of the current life.This workshop will include an overview of the entire life cycle of the soul, including our reincarnating into the physical dimension relative to the various spiritual plane of existence. 

 Post - Conference Workshop: Allen S. Chips, DCH, PhD

Sunday, July 31st

9am - 4pm

Ericksonian Certification Course
Cost: $89 for full day workshop


The greatest benefits hypnotherapists will take away from this workshop are a more thorough understanding of our interactions with clients. Students will learn Ericksonian methodologies such as reframing, indirect suggestion, language patterns, deepening techniques, conflict negotiation, open-eyed trances, metaphor construction, effective pattern interrupts, and more. Students will learn to enhance the effectiveness of hypnotic induction, pick up new deepening techniques, and improve their client interview skills. Study the art of communication skills of "great communicators" such as Tony Robins, Ronald Reagan, and even Jesus. Comprehend the inner working of communication. Discover how this assists our purposes in the areas of connectedness/ rapport, healing, public speaking, interpersonal relationships, business negotiation, values alignments, and more. The greater understandings of how we interrelate can lead to one being more effective within their purpose, so that ecological self-alignment and attunement to others is more natural. Professional Hypnotherapists only. Recommended Reading: The Teaching Tales of Milton Erickson. ($35 NATH certification fee due end of class, July 31st)

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Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

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Tempe, Arizona 85281
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts



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