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Cop Block Door Hangers make it clear.

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The new Cop Block Door hangers are now listed on the websites support tab.

Get people thinking! Use the new Cop Block door hanger to let the government bullies know that their services are NOT needed in your residence!  Now the police can’t say that you consented to any searches, the presence of the door hanger makes it clear.

To get your pack of 10 door hangers shipped to you, please use the Amazon donation button below the product on the Cop Block support page. Amazon donations is a new(er) way of taking donations online. Amazon takes less money off the top of the donation letting more of your money make it into our hands so we can continue our work.

This pack comes with 10 door hangers (11″ x 4.5″).  Not only do you get to display your choice of messages on your front door, but you get to support the Podcast team and spread the Cop Block message.

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Comment by David Jackson
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   These things mught be a "fee good" option to not being able to do anything else, but they are probably not going to be very effective. If cops have an "illegal" legal warrant, they aren't going to be slowed down by a plastic sign telling them you don't need their help. These things are sort of like waving a red cape at a bull...not exactly low profile. (Cops are perhaps the most poorly educated and trained of any cadre of bureaucrats; they take everything personally; they respond with violence, simply because they can get away with it and know no other recourse; and, openly thumbing one's nose at them is asking for trouble - such is the tyranny of "legal violence" and its threat.)

   The best thing to do is not to call a cop; call your attorney, instead. If there has been an injury, call an ambulance, the cops will folow. Talk to cops from outside your home and let the paramedics retrieve the injured party. Cops need warrants to enter a private residence. (If you didn't call for help, they have no business inside your home, unless there is proof of a felony.) Most of all stop watching the asinine cop shows on television - especially, "Cops". The people who produce and write this trash wouldn't know the truth if it bit them; their sole purposes are to make money and curry favor with the source(s) of the money...They know almost nothing and couldn't care less about "reality".

   Be really mindful of whatever you do around any type of cop. They are not your friend. I'll tell you true: There are only three types of people in the world, according to the cop mentality. 1) Cops. 2) Cop's families. 3) Assholes. Where do you fit?