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Gold Up 5,000 Percent!

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Gold is up, you say. What a revelation!

     Gold is up because the peo[le who manipulate the financial markets of the world have driven it up. when they feel they've suckered just about every farthing they can out of the rank and file speculators and are ready to take their WINDFALL PROFITS, the "value" will correct and many will loose their butts. Welcome to the essence of all financial manipulations in every type of market in the entire world.

      I can still remember when gold was around $32.50 or so an ounce. Seems I was totally pissed when my class ring cost me about $75.00. today, it woulod cost nearly $600.00.

      How much do we suspect the U.S. will waste on gold, if it decides to back U.S. currency with somehting other than hot air? It's doubtful they'll spend anywhere near $32.50 per ounce...Will they.

      Next question and observation: Who will make a profit off the sell-off of gold?