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Jordan Page to perform in Quartzsite August 27th Event

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Jordan Page in Quartzsite!
"Now it's a Party"
Oathkeepers is raising the $2500 needed to bring Jordan Page to Quartzsite Saturday August 27th.
FreedomsPhoenix and Declare Your Independence Radio Show will be covering the event live.

The event keeps growing and we'll keep you informed.
Jordan Page is a professional musician perfectly suited for just such an event. But he has to take time from other paying gigs to fly to Arizona from Indiana. I assured Stewart Rhodes and Jordan Page that FreedomsPhoenix would help make sure that Jordan's family would be taken care of if he would come perform in the middle of the desert in 105+ "dry" heat.

We take care of Jordan,... he'll take care of us.
We are also preparing a stage for the events and SHADE for the stage.

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Comment by RJ Warner
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Life is, all the possibilities, no one human can answer all the questions we all have. If this person is the sole reason for this event, that he should profit from, or because he  too is SO poor to move from one point to the next, I believe in reality, he is not such a force to be reckoned with, (never heard of this person), then I will not give. If he is sincere in true freedom (Dominion of the Free) why should I whom is just as important (Precious) and as any other truth sayer, give a damn about him and his music. Let it be known, a wise man, (Wisdom from GOD), does not spend foolishly, IF you are so interested and determined about FREEDOM, the price to go where truth and life is in jeopardy, one only has to look in his own backyard.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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AND, I like the idea of shade!!! 

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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To quote Ernie "Damn Skippy", now it is a party!

Thank you so much, Ernie for agreeing to take part in The Liberty/Freedom Fest in Quartzsite.

In my humble opinion, you provide credibility/validity/clarity to every event you speak at.


Best regards, Jeanne 


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