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An Email from Cliff Kincaid to Ernest Hancock about Adam Kokesh &

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Adam vs The Man
Adam vs The Man canceled... Why?
08-25-2011  • 
I will be able to speak more freely about AVTM's cancellation after concluding my legal business with RT. Until then, just know that the FEC complaint was not a factor, but Jesse Benton is.
Sierra Hancock

My producers attempted to schedule Cliff for the radio show and Cliff is of the opinion that such an appearance would not be in his effort's interest. But he did send me the following links that he thinks make his point.
From: Cliff Kincaid
I have read your article about the matter. Obviously, you have made up your mind, and the idea that you want the issue "exposed and examined" is totally false. Perhaps Kokesh can tell you why his program was terminated. 
You may find this of interest:

Or this section of my website:

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Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
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Shows and proves nothing. His website is a complete joke that needs to be hacked off the face of the internet for its general lies. It pathetic the garbage on that site. Seriously? The dance protest was against the law? OMG NOT S**T. It was to protest THE JUDGE'S STATEMENT. Kokesh worked for a Russian TV channel and spoke truth versus American media? Sounds like a reversal of what we did to Russia. They hate libertarians, they hate anti-war people, they hate people who hate Israel and denounce the aid we give that tyrannical country.

Truly "America's Survival Inc" only wants to American freedoms destroyed for the right wing neocon loonies.

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