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Kicked Out: ASU Marijuana Debate Victor Montgomery

Written by Subject: Activism
Morpheus is at the Sandra Day O'Conner collage of "law" where two attorneys are debating one Marc Victor is an anarcho-libertarian and would like to end the drug war, the other is the Statist Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.  While there I am "told" that Bill Montgomery does not want any video taping.  Its a public building and I have the right to video tape. 

Well I get notified by several underlings that they don't want me taping.  One of these underlings thinks he is going to get me to stop videotaping by blocking my view of the presenters.  He doesnt know me very well.  Ha ha.  I just move my tripod.  Then they call in the big guns Shelli Soto 480-965-1474 the associate Dean of the Collage of "Law". 

She tells me we must leave the building.  If I do not she is going to call the violence squad (police) to have me arrested.  This is a public building!

The job of the police is to protect my rights, not the "schools" rights.  You have to be a human being to have rights.  This is what these schools are teaching people about the "law".  Fleece the SLAVE class.

Lets take this to one million views!

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Comment by Anonymous
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You use "liberal"... "communist"...  these are all buzzwords that ignore the TRUE scam.  The true scam is our relationship to Israel and ZIONISM.  Wake up people.  It controls our banks, it controls our wars, it even infiltrated our churches with 501 c 3 funding requirements to support the Zionist New World Order.   As I was told while working with some of the military people in Tucson, the George Bush regime:  Admit nothing, deny everything and counter-accuse.  Divide and conquer has been a tool of the Khazarian counterfeit Jewish empire for years and years.  Read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.  This was not difficult to predict.  The druglord terrorists are policing the war on drugs and terror!  And it is big business as usual  right down to the state aid that keeps the addicted sick and funnels them into brain-damaging and mind-debilitating programs.

Comment by Anonymous
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Liberal or communist?  Are you kidding?  You guys know better, I mean comeon.  Why do you NEVER use the right word, the word you are all so afraid to use:  Zionist/New World Order'ist'.  Yes, communist eventually due to it's antichristian Russian influence as our history books fail to teach us....  But let's call it what it is.  We all know that Israel protects and fosters Iran Contra (drugs and guns peddled illegally using our military for private interests) protected manifestations of our current police state that our Federal Reserve ZIONIST TERRORST BANKSTERS created when the enacted the 1913 legislation allowing private usury through the Fed and the ADL which protected the Usurer in case of being identified BEFORE nazi Germany... which THEY CREATED and PROFITED from while illegal creating the Nation State of Israel that offers these global criminal warmongers amnesty for converting to Judaism!  They can buy a Jewish identity there for the right price!  Yahoo!  Wake up America.

Comment by Anonymous
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Nice job Morpheus.  Montgomery did not like it when I asked him if he would like to discuss the at least one dozen local Russian-influenced Zionist CIA Iran Contra drug-money laundering lawyers who are currently being sponsored by the government supported real-estate fraud syndicate that the Bush family perpetrated through our courts and prompted by 9/11 fear-mongering legislation.  The woman smoking a cigarette claiming you guys were making a lot of noise asked me for my number...  I have hers as well.  Hell, she even gave me a hug!  At least I THINK I got her number... lol  :)  Here's to exposing the truth.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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For shame Morpheus.  What the King wants the King gets.  And not so ironically, the King himself would be prosecuting you.

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