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Michael Moore End Capitalism Not The Fed, Peter Schiff Rebuttal at Ron Paul Rally NYC (Video)

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It's important to note, that WeAreChange respects everyone's opinions and views, and of course, we have our own. We are here simply to ask the questions that we see fit about the issues that we see important. If you disagree with Schiff or Moore please keep you dialog productive and scholarly instead of hateful and slanderous.

That's why we are here to further the dialog on important issues that divide many Americans.

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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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So Schiff thinks the answer is for Moore to socialize his profits?  What about the fact that the banksters don't socialize THEIR profits--they just socialize their losses and make the rest of us pay?

Comment by White Indian
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All of the -isms have to go.  There is no solution to organizing a mass society.

All of the -isms ignore Dunbar's Number.  Humans are horribly maladapted to mass society.

No -ism works. All -isms are proven failures.

End the agricultural city-STATE (civilization.) END:CIV.  Resist or Die.