Article Image Chalk The Bank!

Lets show the Phoenix FED Bank in Phoenix some LOV3 this Saturday

Written by Subject: Federal Reserve
Busy this Saturday? we got an idea and it only takes half an hour and you
can do it in your own neighborhood.

After the success of the "Chalk the Police" event this past Saturday
in front of the 4th ave jail and with the positive media attention we
got from it, A few of us on the Arizona Revolution Facebook page are
planning a short chalk the banks flash mob at the Fed office here in
Phoenix. we will meet at Noon, chalk the side walk for an hour.
 We want to show the fed some proper LOV3 with the most peaceful form of free speech I can think of, Children's Chalk.
Saturday October 7th

12pm  High Noon!

1550 North 47th Ave Just north of I-10

We are only going to be there for an hour, chalk as much of the side
walk as we can and then move to the big banks on central Ave.

Cant make it to the west side? grab some chalk and make a statement in
front of your bank that you want an END to the FED!

Join us on Face book, with in 24hours this event will be national, And we want to show well for the Phoenix 3VOLution

Help END The FED as we Chalk The Bank!

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