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Don Lapre a TV infomercial pitchman was found dead in his BORG Federal lockup

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PHOENIX ( – Don Lapre a TV infomercial pitchman was found dead in his Federal lockup.  Lapre was accused by the BORG of defrauding more than 226,000 people out of nearly $52 million.  The cause of death was bleeding to death as a large quantity of blood was found in his Florence, Arizona jail cell.  BORG investigators said on Monday it was an apparent suicide, authorities said on Monday.

I actually worked for Don Lapre’s company “The Greatest Vitamin in the World” for a while and they are really no different than any other Biz Opp business.  People are solicited to start your own business for $39.   Soon after they pay, a “coach” calls and talks the client to do “Advertising” and primarily “Internet Advertising”.  The reason they like to do internet advertising is because the profit is huge and there is no way to really track it.

The only reason they have people “start” their own business with $39 is because that way the company knows the client has a credit card and won’t hang up when the “coach” asks the client for the available balance on it!  The goal is to get as much money as the person has on their credit card.  This could be $500 to $20,000.  The only problem is that client is competing against all the other clients that the coach has.  Sometimes people would ask “are you in this business that you are selling to me”.  Many times the telemarketer or coach will say “no” because they don’t want to be caught in a lie.  They will say “We are not allowed to do it”.  The real reason the telemarketer is not using the system they are talking about is because it DOESN’T WORK.

There are also the newer systems where you will get a call on the phone for a Robo-Dialer, these are calls you get by a machine.  Many of these Robo-dialer can make thousands of calls per hour.  These systems have to make thousands of calls to make up for the fact what they are selling doesn’t work!  With these Robo-dialer systems the person may or may not be in the business they are proposing however you will also have to buy leads and spending money for Robo-dialer time.  If their business worked as well as they say it does well, how come a live person is not calling.

The legal problems Lapre was facing stem from whether he was running a Ponzi scheme or not.  However this is a case of the BORG prosecutor’s pot calling the kettle black.  While I was with “The Greatest Vitamin in the World” it did not appear to me they were doing anything different than ANY OTHER BIZ OPP business.  They were just really good at what they did and the government went after them.  Did they rip people off? ABSOLUTELY!  Did they operate in almost the same way as any other BIZ OPP business? YES!   Was Don Lapre’s business pale in comparison to the PONZI scheme of Social Security, where the money from one person is STOLEN to pay he benefits for another person.  Don Lapre wasn’t even in the same Solar System!  How does the Federal Reserve De-fraud each and every person who accepts the “money” they print and nothing ever happens to them, in fact they are PROTECTED by the government and not even able to be audited.  The Federal Reserve has defrauded 300 MILLION people for 15 TRILLION dollars. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Lapre Indictment

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