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Anthony Gregory Live from Libertopia

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Anthony Gregory is Research Editor at the Independent Institute and is currently writing a book on individual liberty and the writ of habeas corpus. He has written hundreds of articles that have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, San Diego Union-Tribune, Washington Times, Dallas Morning News, Salt Lake Tribune, Sacramento Bee, Tallahassee Democrat, Albany (NY) Times Union, Portland Oregonian, Raleigh News and Observer, Florida Today, Bellingham (WA) Herald, Modesto Bee, East Valley Tribune (AZ), Contra Costa Times, and many other newspapers; as well as in Human Events, Counterpunch, The American Conservative, Alternet,, The Independent Review and the Journal of Libertarian Studies. He also regularly writes for numerous news and commentary web sites, including and the Future of Freedom Foundation. He earned his bachelor?s degree in American history from the University of California at Berkeley, giving the undergraduate history commencement speech in 2003.

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How the heck and where can I DL this video?
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