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Arizona Tea Party Groups / National Tea Party

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There is a STATE List and a NATIONAL Contact. Information and 'direction' either comes from the bottom up or the top down... which way do you think the flow of 'information' will travel when the timing is most important?

I'll be adding to this issue on a regular basis now that I can demonstrate a 'flow' of direction as we get nearer the important milestones for the 2012 Election Cycle.

Arizona Tea Party 'members' are very quick to state that they are independent from outside controls etc. But consider this...

The National 'contacts' across the country will make it very clear that Foreign Policy (WAR & Empire) is not an issue of consideration, Civil Liberties (Drug War, Abortion, Gun Rights etc.) are NOT issues of consideration for the 'independent' Tea Party 'members'.

The 'issue' is getting Republicans elected to fix the Economy and Balance the Budget (you'll start hearing a lot about a 'limited' Constitutional Convention for a Balanced Budget Amendment) and paying off the debt by 2060 (seriously?... 2060).

The idea that you can support the election of politicians to address the Economy and the Budget without the inclusion of issues related to Monetary Policies (Sound Money/Federal Reserve), Foreign Policy (War War War... oh, and another War), Civil Liberties (Individual Freedoms... Drug War, Prison Industrial Complex) is a clear indication that CRITICAL Thinking has to be abolished inside the Tea Party 'movement'.

All I had to do was wait and see the 'flow chart'. Well,... here it is in Arizona,... and I'll bet it doesn't look very different across the nation.

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Digest this information for a bit... you'll understand where this all goes. And for those that need some help... stay tuned.