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Written by David McElroy Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
By David A. McElroy
Nov. 30, 2011
Patriots, “Remember the Alamo!” When it comes to your gun, tell the tyrant to come and get it. Even if it means pulling it from your cold dead hands. Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and a few brave men faced a Mexican army sent to seize their cannon. They screamed “COME AND TAKE IT!” Those steely men died fighting for their freedom and dignity rather than surrender their guns to the enemy, and thus motivated the liberation of Texas.
You should be HORRIFIED at S. 1867. The National Defense Authorization Act, now up for a vote, completely obliterates Posse Comitatus to use military force against American citizens here in these less united states, or anybody anywhere on Earth. Due process will not be involved. No warrants, no charges, no attorney, no trial, just armed men on your doorstep looking to make you disappear. Of course, “enhanced interrogation” is in order. This blatantly fascist bill totally does away with any pretense of federal respect for our Bill of (God-given) Rights, destroys any semblance of justice or a free society where dissent is part of the political process. This is TREASON! The FEMA camps are waiting.
Remember folks asking how the Germans could have let the Nazi atrocity happen, or how they said “It can’t happen here!”? IT IS HAPPENING HERE!
I publish this before the final vote on S. 1867 because this may be the last piece I will be free to write. As John Donne said, “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”
President Obama has already had Secretary of State Clinton sign the USA to participate in the United Nations conference for a Small Arms Treaty in 2012. That treaty may be used to register, restrict, and confiscate any or all civilian firearms. Obama extols the virtues of such a treaty, yet to be finalized. Damage control from such as says that we shouldn’t worry as a treaty cannot negate the US Constitution per the 1957 Supreme Court case of Reid v. Covert. But of course, several justices have advocated using foreign law in their decisions, and Obama has brazenly declared it is he who will decide constitutionality. Recall the “Super Committee”. So, keep your powder dry.
But, you might protest, all but two of those men defending the Alamo were slaughtered. True. But there is a lesson here to apply to our likely scenario in confronting the fascist state. This is a strategy lesson for those well aware, and see the storm coming upon us. It is for those of us who know well that just because we aren’t looking for trouble doesn’t mean trouble isn’t looking for us! It is an alert for those still believing a man’s home is his castle, and are committed to “Castle Defense”. It is for those who would live free or die trying!
Even Christ advised disciples to buy a sword. (Luke 22:36) He knew full well that Roman law forbade non-Romans to possess a sword. Do you think Jesus might advise you to buy a gun…. even if it was illegal to do so? By all means, wear the “full armor of God” listed in Ephesians 6:10-18. But remember cold steel. Did Christ not remind us “…how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man?…” (Matthew 12:29 ) Stay free and retain your options. Don’t be bound by Satan’s minions!
The Alamo was in the old paradigm of concentrating firepower behind a fortification. It presented an obvious target attracting a superior military force, a few dozen riflemen and several cannon behind strong walls besieged by 5,000 army troops with their cannon. We must draw the enemy out and spread their forces thinly from sea to shining sea, and not present ourselves as a bullseye for enemy fire. When forced out, practice guerilla warfare with leaderless resistance in neighborhood groups. Beware helicopter gunships!
Today, the fascist police state would love to see militias gather to march on Washington and various federal facilities in the states. They want us to present a concentrated, target-rich opportunity for a quick and cheap slaughter by technically superior military forces. I say it is to our advantage to tell the tyrants to “COME AND GET IT!” as they set out to disarm and imprison us. We outnumber Uncle Sam’s forces and probably would still have that advantage if the United Nations or NATO deployed “peacekeeper” troops here. Let’s put it to good use and not squander it being baited into traps. A massacre on the Capitol lawn would be used by the enemy to intimidate and demoralize patriots. Let’s not give them that opportunity to gloat in our blood!
We must remember our current situation is not like the “War Between The States” in the 19th Century, with well delineated skirmish lines and jurisdictional boundaries. We are faced with a situation much like that suffered in the fall of the German Weimar Republic, as Hitler and the National Socialists usurped power. The enemy is among us everywhere, thanks to the “Trojan Horse” of multiculturalism, diversity, and “tolerance”. We know spies and provocateurs, saboteurs and criminal gangs already move among us. A great many foreign troops are already stationed on American soil.
Federal agencies are routinely declaring patriotic Americans of every stripe to be enemies of the socialist state. Just a bumper sticker supporting Rep. Ron Paul was enough to get people pulled over by cops as patriot suspects in our fascist police state. Travel is being intimidated at airports, bus and train stations, cruise lines, even your local highway. Toll booths are now becoming common, and will serve as security checkpoints with more and more military troops assisting police. Our livelihoods are being destroyed, our property seized, and our communications are not only monitored, but often curtailed. Our children are being “dumbed down” in the Public Fool System and the media routinely insults our intelligence. The UN openly states in Agenda 21 that they want to reduce our human numbers by 85% in the near future. The UN wants 5.95 billion people dead in the short term! We are deemed “selfish“, “over-consuming“, freedom-loving sorts who often “cling to their Bibles and their guns“. Americans are high on the list of those soon to be eliminated by the international socialist New World Order.
We should look to the lessons of history. Since ancient times, whenever a society has developed a prosperity enabling the rise of a strong and educated middle class, a people growing wise to the tyranny via freedom to communicate, trade, and travel, brutal rulers have moved to disarm and slaughter these independent sorts. The monarchs, the oligarchs or dictators, reduced the surviving population to ignorant serfdom and fearful slavery. Just look to Chairman Mao or Pol Pot for 20th Century examples, or Lenin, Hitler, and Stalin. All socialist/marxist revolutions in history resulted in millions killed by their own homeland governments. Don’t ever trust “Homeland Security” with your life!
If you haven’t thought about defending your home and loved ones, you should. I do not advocate violence. I believe offense is prohibited, but defense is a duty. As my daddy said, never start a fight, but always finish it when it comes your way. Be prepared, as the Boy Scouts would advise. Have escape plans as well as stored goods and guns. Know your neighbors and local terrain. Have good hiding places, mindful of fancy electronic devices to find things. If you, like many, feel a need for some instruction about how to defend your castle, see Christian Patriot Greg Evenson, former Kansas State Trooper. His site, has information about signing up for lessons teaching “Castle Defense”. Remember a gun may not guarantee your life, but it gives you options about how you face death. I will choose to die as a free man defending his dignity on his doorstep. The time to fight is before you are shackled for the ride to a “camp”. History has shown that millions taken to camps by socialist regimes were worked to death in miserable conditions, or killed outright. Don’t be fooled by offers of “welfare” or “re-education” in a FEMA camp!
Jesus, in the Golden Rule, would say offense is prohibited, but defense is a duty in justice. So stay home and occupy your “castle”. Recall Christ advised his disciples to illegally buy swords for defense, knowing Roman law forbade non-Romans having them. Today, Jesus would say buy a gun. Christians don’t need to be doormats for Satan. Love is the law (Matthew 22:35-40) and love entails respect, and respect entails justice. A just defense is no crime, and our Founding Fathers enshrined this God-given right to defense in the Second Amendment. Never surrender and be willing to suffer death before dishonor. We are literally being threatened with enslavement and genocide. God helps those who help themselves. Fight back!
After enough troops have been killed or crippled by angry people attacked in their own homes, attrition will quickly reduce Uncle Sam’s brainwashed zombie soldiers and cops. They will reconsider why they fight and for who, and turn their guns up the chain of evil command to blow away the psychopaths in the District of Criminals. Many already say they will stand with American civilians against the federal onslaught. We need to openly encourage this and remind them of their oath to defend the Constitution against “enemies foreign and domestic.” Join the Oath Keepers at .
Fear only encourages predators. When uniformed thugs come to steal your gun, your life and liberty, your home, stand tall and tell Uncle Sam to “COME AND TAKE IT!” Even if defeat is inevitable, you don’t have to make it easy. Let the enemy know you are a real man and defend yourself! Live free… or die trying!

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Comment by Robert Bilyeu
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I personally happen to believe there are many good, honest, well intentioned people in law enforcement and in the military who take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Unfortunately, this oath becomes a mere formality when they are told they will obey their superiors or suffer the consequences and their immediate families depend upon them just as much as ours do.

We the people share a burden of the blame for our problems.  We want to purchase the best possible product at the lowest possible price then complain that we are losing our manufacturing jobs to China.  Isn't is funny that the more we own China, the less offensive the term Communism becomes.    We send a Senator or Representative to Congress to bring home monies to our home state then complain when a representative from a neighboring state offers a bill to access monies for his home state at our expense.

Finally, most voters, unfortunately, know more about movie and television personalities and sports figures than they do about politicians or statesmen.  Many are more concerned about a politician's verbal ability or their appearance than about their record.  If a man would lie to his wife or cheat a business partner, what is it that would make a person think that he wouldn't do the same to him.  Politicians are much more concerned about winning the next election than about what is best for America and as a result, they move to protect themselves with more and more regressive legislation against those they have been chosen to serve.

Comment by Frank Henry
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 Remember the 2012 elections are coming...and the present congress is going.

Comment by Psychictaxi
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Yes it is very sad for you controllers - here is a man who you clearly failed to instill the fear required for him to quietly lick your boots  - call him a terrorist and a psychopath and have your jackbooted minions 'reeducate' him with indefinite detention before another mind escapes the FemaNet.

Yes it is sad that people like you feel the need for ownership and control over the minds and actions of other humans (SLAVERY).  Sad indeed...  

Comment by David Jackson
Entered on:

      People change, huh?

      I don't really care what made this man whatever he thinks he is, today. He was once a genuine American hero and seemed to be a man of considerable character, when so many have none. He is certainly a disappointment.