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Phone Bank For Ron Paul For the WIN!

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Now is the time to come to the aid of Ron Paul! I’m Taking the day off to phone bank for Ron Paul. this is how we are going to give Ron Paul the win in New Hampshire. Ron Paul is 76 freaking years old and is fighting the honorable fight… are we going to STAND UP and stand for Ron. I am. This is a world class system to call people with. You just create an a account and the system does all the dialing for you!
Right Now, the enemy is at their weakest. The Establishment must maintain an air of legitimacy so they must be careful that they do not tip their hand to censoring of Ron Paul. So we must tell the people with the most effective advertisement possible: on e person to another. The establishment will shake with FEAR with a Ron Paul win in New Hampshire. Send this text to every Ron Paul supporter u know. This will inspire them to do the same thing make some phone calls and invite others to do the same. Roll the Bones...Morpheus 602-434-1725

By sending this message out as a text we can get our side on board and act quickly to call every single republican, Independent, democrat, Libertarian in the state of New Hampshire before the primary election on Tuesday 1/10/12 Lets melt the phone lies. Lets show them the LOV3!

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