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I listened to your Saturday show, but when you said the name of the place selling pre-1964 dimes under spot, I couldn't understand you. Can you please give it to me in writing?
Unfortunately you have to buy a lot, and you can't get anything but the Roosevelt dimes and Washington Quarters in your 'Face Value' order but for just stocking up this is a very good site

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Be careful! Many dealers sell 90% "junk" silver bags, not based on actual weight, but on face value of the coins. What isn't taken into account is the fact that most of these coins have some wear on them, and they rarely weigh 100% of what they weigh when they come from the mint. This weight difference can often cost you from 2% to 5% of the value of what you think you're buying. The only way you can know what you're getting is by buying based on the actual weight of the coins you're buying. Take 90% of the total weight in grams and divide by that sum by 31.1, & that will tell you how many troy ounces of pure silver you're actually getting. Multiply that number of ounces by the current spot price, to determine the true spot value of what you're buying. Caveat emptor! fs